SewLand sewing machine

I wrote these instructions, because I bought a SewLand sewing machine from a friend, without the manual, and had a lot of trouble figuring out how to load it. Here’s what we’re working with:

These instructions show where to put the bobbin in its holder and how to thread the machine.

First, this is the only way I could place the bobbin holder so that it would work, so I guess this is how it should look:

Loading the bobbin in its holder. Position it this way.

Place the bobbin in the holder and trail the thread out through the angled slot, under the metal strap.

Pull it through to the end of the metal strap, so that it clicks into place. It should now exit the holder through the smaller notch.

Now for the top thread. I have deliberately used a yellow thread to distinguish top from bottom. This picture is taken looking down onto the top of the machine at the back, showing where the reel sits on the reel stake and is threaded under the top wheel and through the notch.

Over to the front of the machine, under the hook and through the tensioner.

You are now going to use this very handy little gadget, called a thread puller. If there wasn’t one with your machine, go and buy one!

Now down around the wheel at the front of the machine. Push the puller down through the hole on the left side of the wheel and push the end of the thread through the loop in the puller.

Now pull the puller up and the thread will follow it through the hole.

Now through the hole in the top arm.

Reach under the machine to your left at the top of the needle holder and loop the thread through the wire loop. This picture is taken from the back of the machine.

Here’s another picture from the front, showing the thread running through that top loop. Now push the puller through the eye of the needle.

And once again, feed the thread through the loop in the puller.

And once again, pull the puller out and the thread will follow.

Pull both threads across to your left and slowly wind the machine forward with your right hand. You should see the top thread get caught by the bobbin tooth & be dragged around over the bottom thread.

Raise the needle to its top position and gently pull on the top thread. You will see the bottom thread come up through the foot.

Take the puller & slide it under the foot, to draw out both threads to the left.

Separate the threads, then push both of them towards the back of the machine.

The top thread goes through the foot. Make sure it trails freely from the needle.

Put the bobbin cover back on, then using a piece of scrap material, sew a few stitches, so that you can adjust the top tension. You’ll have it correct when the top and bottom stitches look about the same.

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