Learning to Ice Skate, 2017

2017 – I’m learning to ice skate!  Ever since we moved here, I have thought about learning to ice skate. With Duncan playing and Mike coaching, and with a very rudimentary style which consisted of balancing on the left foot and pushing clumsily from the right foot, I decided in late October to learn properly. The first step was to sign up for the weekly classes.

This page will contain videos from my phone as time progresses. To make this happen, I prop the phone up on the boards between my work boots, switch on video & get out there & do some moves, then come back and switch it off. Crude but effective. It also helps that I can edit out everything except what I want to show.

Just looking back as I write this at the end of December, I am stunned and excited at my progress. I have modified my working day to start early (usually 05:30), put in a solid 6-7 hours, then head back to Everett for my daily ice time, and finish the day with admin work on the laptop from home.

6 Oct 17
Very wobbly.

Early attempt at the One Foot Glide.

11 Sep 17
Still unable to stop.

And the beginnings of a Snowplough Stop.

3 Nov 17
Crazy ex-hockey player buddy.

The One Foot Glide comes together.

6 Nov 17
Somewhere between a Snowplough Stop and a Hockey Stop.

Early attempts at the Two Foot Turn In Place.

7 Nov 17
On the move, but still bending over way too far. When I finally got the stance right, my back wasn’t hurting, but my thighs were killing me!

12 Dec 17
Typical “zoo” traffic during the Public Skating sessions. Out there in the middle is the Crossover coming together.

2 Jan 18
Doesn’t look much, but for me, that’s fast. And as you can see, traffic has diminished considerably now that the kids have gone back to school.

Crossover looking a bit shabby here, but looked much better later in the session.

Getting tired, but still OK to to do a One Foot Glide, which was also MUCH better later in the session.

10 Jan 18

Two foot turn in place. I’ve learned that I MUST have my knees bent!

The crossover is getting there, but still looks like a half-over.

A very nice looking one foot glide.

And going backwards.

14 Mar 18

Two foot turn and going backwards.

One foot glide on the circle.

Crossover still looking shabby.

One foot glide, upstaged by Nira practicing her routine.

And some of that routine.

19 Mar 2018 – A really crappy stop, but stayed upright!