Dash Cam Videos, 2017

January 2017

This guy is in a right turn lane & pointing straight ahead. Yep, there he goes!

February 2017

Snow everywhere. The buses must be slow mode. Oh, and there’s someone in the ditch.

Still lots of snow around. The camera can’t pick up the stunning mountains in the distance.

Again you can tell which vehicles haven’t been out.

March 2017

Let’s just change lanes without checking, shall we?

Nerves of steel in the Express Lane. Just hope some idiot doesn’t decide to change lanes, but at least it IS a double white line.

April 2017

On a mountain highway. Military vehicle blowing steam. His buddies were pulled off the road a few miles further on.

There is JUST enough contrast for the camera to pick up the snow on the high peaks out there. They look so much better in the real.

Savage wind gust caught by the camera.

Oh, yay. An empty piece of freeway to move over on!

What hope is there when the school buses can’t even take a roundabout the right way? Although, in his defence, he wouldn’t have got around the very small roundabout anyway.

Hmm, not much room for error here. Heading back to my mini-depot from the downtown area.

This is where the camera mysteriously stopped recording audio.

June 2017

Who knew you could throw a truck that size around like that?

Going up the inside. I could see the hole coming ….

I could see him coming and not slowing down. All I could do was pray that he knew how to drive that thing.

August 2017

On a quick work trip to Spokane with Julie, driving alongside the fast flowing Wenatchee River. You can also see the smoke haze from forest fires in Canada.

This was a real buzz. Because of roadwork, they have peeled off one lane to use the up track side. We got a whole different view of the valley. If you look to the right towards the end, you can see the down track way off in the distance, on the other side of the valley.

November 2017

Snowing lightly, then getting heavier, then getting really ugly.

December 2017

Almost home, and this accident held up traffic for quite a distance. Love the way the truck is bulging at the back!