Dash Cam Videos, 2016

This is collection of videos from the dash cam in the truck, starting from when I bought the camera in 2016.

Way back in July 2012, taken on my phone, the approach to where the bus was parked, including being met at the gate by Kelly.

July 2016

Downtown – 14 min, Via Express Lanes – 33 min. Hmm.

Downtown onramp and flow control traffic lights.

The center turn lane, AKA the Suicide Lane.

I-5 joins I-405 in the afternoon.

Whoa! Idiot traffic in the University District.

Idiots on the freeway. I was in the fast lane doing 70!

Morning onramp – like a rifle barrel.

And we’re …….. crawling.

August 2016

Late lane change, second warning sign.

One of “my” buildings, on the left.

The car park under the apartments. Not as tight as it looks.

Deliberately went round the block for a view of the Space Needle.

The famous Fremont Troll, just up the street from a customer site.

The Fremont Bridge, just going down again. And a Duck.

Bloody trains. The click is me flicking the camera to make it save the clip.

A very rare sight – an EMPTY freeway. I had already gone around the blockage.

On a nice drive alongside a river, awesome old bridge structure.

September 2016

The rains are starting, just one day at a time at this stage.

Gets to be a nice day when you have views like this.

Some days you end up in the WRONG lane.

Yes, that’s a gap in the concrete. Can be ugly, even in the truck with its reasonably wide tyres.

Nasty burn scar on the right, most likely from a cigarette butt.

HEAVY storm cell, just blew in from nowhere.

Yep, right under the flight path.

Yes, it really is as tight as it looks.

October 2016

Nasty big weather system. Returning from Portland. Visibility: 10 metres?

Same day. Guy on the right almost gets swallowed up.

My first raccoon. Residential side street on the way out from work.

December 2016

The first snow of the season.

Heavy snow last night. Coming home in the afternoon. You can see which cars were out in it.

On the way back from a dash trip to Boise ID. Still don’t know how I survived.

Same trip. Cool, there’s a train. Oh wow, there’s another train.

Same trip. Ooh, lookie here, it’s a snow plough.

Same trip. Of the 5 times I slipped, this was the least dramatic, but the most dangerous, because I was in heavy traffic.