December 2022

Thursday 1: Despite a very small snowfall overnight, the right side route out of the car park was easy and we managed to get out and go to work without any dramas. This is before it was cleared.

I am now training, at the same Staples where Julie is working.

Sunday 4: Julie was sitting outside and called me out to have a look at the very interesting moon.

Sunday 11: After shadowing one of the guys last week, today I was tutored on the Cash Register PC by none other than my lovely wife. Pretty daunting at first, trying to transfer what I had practiced on the training PC to doing it for real, but I survived!

Monday 11: Julie and I got together for lunch with her sisters Janet and Nancy. It’s the first time the sisters have been together for a LONG time.

Sunday 18: We racked up 19 years of marriage today. Still together!

Tuesday 20: After some minor attempts during the week, the snow came in with a vengeance, just in time for Christmas. And I just had to go out and have a look around. You can see where I went in & out using the walking frame.