October 2022

Monday 3: Julie and I went to Cornerstone to have my super-duper foot brace fitted. If you have seen pictures or videos of people running, hiking or climbing, with half a leg missing, you saw much the same as what I will be wearing. More on that when I have worn it for a week or two.

Monday 10: Meanwhile, the radio testing job has surfaced again.

On the way to the training location, I couldn’t resist dropping into the local cemetery to capture a picture of the Jimi Hendrix memorial.

This time we have only 2 vehicles, talking to Dispatch and to each other. We are covering many of the locations that were either missed or in need of more or better data. On the first day, we found ourselves at Snoqualmie Pass, twice. In the winter, it’s packed with skiers.

On another day, we focused on the I-90 freeway, spending a lot of time parked on the sides of the road! Here we are just getting off onto a side road.

On another day, here we are cruising down just off the barrier, flashers flashing, not able to go any faster, because we needed to have a consistent radio signal going out to the other van.

Today’s piece of trivia: The I-90 Interstate starts somewhere near the I-5 in Seattle and goes all the way across the country to Boston, where it disappears somewhere near Boston Logan International Airport.

Amazing colours.

For the following week, the drivers were meeting the testers on US Highway 2, near Monroe. I have been allocated as a backup driver: “Be at the parking site near Seattle by 8am and wait for the 2 drivers to arrive. If one of them doesn’t show, drive. If they both show up, go home again & get paid for the day.” It’s a bonus for ensuring driver continuity and fighting the early morning traffic into and out of Seattle. Yeah, I can do that! Turn up, go home, get paid (usually).

Hanging out at the doctor’s office. This level of traffic is normal.

Buddy doing what he does best, sleeping.

Saturday 8: The Blood Moon.

Crappy weather.

Wednesday 19: One of our testing locations today was working around an area where apparently the fires were still burning in the centre of the forest. At this particular spot, it was burning almost onto the road!

Friday 28: During a visit to the Outlet Store near Marysville, I couldn’t resist some of the wildlife display at Cabela’s.

including the fish.

Julie got dressed up for some of the occasions this month.

In support of the local hockey team.

Dress-up Day (Western).

Halloween (A Pirate).

One of our methods for taking the rubbish out. In the local lingo, that would be “putting out the trash”. Amazing what can be achieved with a decent strap and a walking frame.