September 2022

Monday 4I’ve now been home for a few weeks and things are more or less back to normal, except for the “zingers”. Since I haven’t mentioned them yet, now’s the time. They are a by-product of the nerve damage. It’s like a 1,000V bold of lightning starting from somewhere in the top side of the foot, travelling down, through and across the foot and sort of out the other side. Except that sometimes it will linger, complete with its 1,000 Volt measure of pure pain. A bit like the foot getting run over by a 50-ton bus, without actually breaking anything. Every time I ask someone whether they eventually go away, the conversation immediately steers off into a different direction. They are at their worst at the end of the day, when the body’s defences are low. Really great for going to sleep (not)! Hmm, I have an appointment with someone in orthopedics coming up soon, I’ll ask him or her.

One of the Covid symptoms is the “Brain Fog”. Wow, if I wasn’t fuzzy before, I certainly am now!

My other issue is that I am constantly tired. A blood draw showed that my TSH (the hormone that controls my thyroid function) was HIGH, not just high, but off the chart kind of high. That would also contribute to me being tired. Some days ya just can’t win! No wonder I’m exhaustipated, which is another term for “too tired to give a shit”.