August 2022

You will notice that there are no day/date references here. That’s because I’m putting (patching) it together in September.

At this point, I was summoned back to Ballarat so that Dorothy could lock up and leave. More flying – this time from Brisbane to Melbourne, to get picked up, laughed at, and commiserated with, and return to the family in Ballarat, and pursue another jigsaw puzzle, which was eventually finished after a mad scramble on the night before I left.

By this time we had FINALLY put together the documents that the Passport Office would accept. Paul and I rolled in early to the office, only had a few people ahead of us, and spent a whole 3 to 5 minutes at the counter. Then it was the fun part of finding the office that issues the passports. With about 3-4 hours to go before my flight out from Melbourne Airport, we arrived at the office to see a line snaking around the room several times. I counted about 5 sets of people ahead of us. Nothing we could do to make it move any faster. I did make it to my flight to Sydney, and then almost missed the Hawaiian flight to Honolulu and Seattle because I had to get from the domestic terminal to the international one. Made it! (just).

It’s so good to be “home” that it almost hurts.