July 2022

Monday 4: After a heap of planning and making bookings, the 4th rolled into the 5th and I made it onto a flight from Seattle to Vancouver, then to Sydney, then Melbourne, arriving on the 7th. It’s crazy how the time zones work. Two days to get here and on the return I will arrive on the same day.

I have a video of flying towards Canada over US territory, where the fireworks can be seen. I just need to poke it into here somehow.

It took a while but I did eventually figure out how to get all of my luggage onto one trolly. Suitcase on the bottom, topped off by the backpack, a month’s worth of medications in the basket and a walking cane stuffed in the gap.

Thursday 7: Staying with Paul and Brooke, and their kids, Jack and Harry, with Kiana going back to her mother’s place (and I sleep in her room).

This is a panorama of the back of the house that Brooke took after we arrived. The whole area over that fence is Crown Land, which can never be built on.

We took the kids (specially me) to enjoy the light display at Sovereign Hill.

Reflections on the way out.

Friday 8: The plan was to go from Melbourne to Canberra, then via Sydney up the East Coast, via the Gold Coast and Brisbane to visit Dorothy in Pittsworth. It all fell apart when the whole family (with just one exception) tested positive for Covid and we all had to stay home in quarantine.

The “C” is the control, the “T” is the positive result.

Monday 18: With the family needing to go back to work, it’s time for me to go home. Despite all of the setbacks, it has been a great holiday, where I have been looked after and thoroughly pampered.