May 2022

Sunday 1: Still catching up.

Late last month, we had visits from both Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT). The guy from OT was way too bombastic for either of us. His first response to anything I did or said was “No!” …. which rapidly got under our skins. The PT person was much more “calm and more collected”. More on her later. However, the good that came out of this time involved the changes we made to the bathroom – a chair that straddles the floor and the tub, an overhead shower rose and a new shower curtain. It needed to be see-through so that whoever is supervising the shower activity can see what is happening. We were so pissed off with Mr OT that we bought one with fishies on it, still see-through, but at least it has some character.

Add some other bits like an overhead shower fitting and towel racks that are firmly screwed to the wall (thanks to the maintenance guy for installing them) and a seat that swivels for me to dry my toes.

Sunday 29: This month has been a blur of battles with symptoms and emotions. I came home with “nerve damage” to my left foot. I am unable to lift the foot at all, except by lifting it at the knee. If I hold it up alongside the right foot, it simply flops. When I am walking, I have to consciously lift it. If I don’t, I am likely to trip on it. It does still have feeling, which would suggest that the damage is in a nerve that controls movement.

Sarah, my PT Person, supplied me with a two-part brace in an attempt to pull the foot up, which will hopefully put it back into alignment. Even though the foot still drifts to the left and the brace doesn’t seem to pull it up very far.

On that subject, it REALLY doesn’t help that I have fallen twice, on my bum, on a hard surface, since the surgery. The first was getting out of the car and I slipped, just 2 weeks after surgery. The other one was recently, where I was being stupid and attempting to climb just 2 steps, but not taking into account that I was using a walker that doesn’t remain rigid. It collapsed and so did I. I have some spectacular bruises.

And on top of all that, with a relatively sedentary lifestyle, I have once again stacked on weight and any kind of exercise promotes shortness of breath. It really shows when I “go for a walk”.

The layout of the apartment block has the units down both sides of an inner garden and path. It ends in a few bits of rubble at the far end, where it’s a great place to stop and check out the golfers just across the fence, but awful for going through to complete a circuit, so the only option (for me) is to turn around and go back. Consequently, I call the part of the pathway that I use the “U”. Each circuit of the “U” is just under 100 yards.

The good news is Sarah is a fantastic PT person, who talks me through my issues and presents me with solutions. When I turned up at the clinic, walking with a cane instead of pushing a walker, she was ecstatic. It’s not a permanent fix by any means, but it was a start, and she appreciated the effort.

And to top all that off, my feet are seriously swollen. Each day, I have to go back a year to when I was using ice and elevation to draw out the excess liquid.

Meanwhile, Julie has been a rock of support, alternating between badgering me to do things and backing off to see the results. Thank you, Dear.