April 2022

Saturday 9: The awesome flow of riveting material has been temporarily terminated due to:

  • Me spending a lot of my time recovering from the surgery by sleeping.
  • Me stuffing up my laptop – It went halfway across the country for repair.
  • I’m actually amazed at how much I depend on it.

As soon as it returns, I can sync it with the pictures on my phone and use them to recall what actually happened.

A HUGE thanks to Simon who stepped in to pay for CareGivers from Home Instead. Funny – as soon as it became known that the client was me, EVERYONE wanted to help. I didn’t know I was that popular. The end result was that I had someone here for most days that Julie was working, primarily to make sure that I was OK taking a shower, and walking, both inside and outside, and also to clean the apartment where needed. One of them ended up spending time with Holly. We think they were both in love!

Mr Buddy just slept in the middle of the room.

Monday 11: Woohoo, I’m cleared to drive again! That certainly makes it easier to get Julie to and from work. And on that subject, Duncan is now learning to drive. Yikes.

Friday 15: We have proof that the scar has healed nicely.

Friday 15: We have some very strange weather.

Saturday 23: A rare picture of the 2 cats in close quarters.