March 2022

Tuesday 1: Wow, the month flew past without me knowing most of it, thanks to some nasty narcotic drugs.

Thursday 3: The surgery area has been cleaned a bit by now.

Monday 7: The sutures are out.

Friday 11: Then I had to deal with this bloody thing. Apparently, my left foot suffered some “nerve damage” and it flops to the left. Apparently this will help to straiten it all out, but it’s a real pain to get on & off and it rubs on my leg & behind my knee.

Monday 27: By now, we have been flooded with PT (Physical Therapy) and OT (Occupational Therapy) people. The OT person in particular managed to say “no” to almost everything I said. We had already rigged up a few safety measures in the bathroom, including a transparent shower curtain. Our little piece of rebellion was to buy one with fishies on it! Lots of fishies! You can also see the emergency bell. Ain’t technology wonderful?