February 2022

Tuesday 1: After a good night of sleep, she relented on the photo.

Thursday 3: After a suggestion by me that maybe both Julie and I could work at Staples, I applied and was accepted, just in time to go off and have more surgery.

Friday 4: And on that note, I got a call from the Scheduling Nurse to arrange a rerun of the Spinal Fusion. We agreed that it would be better just AFTER my 70th birthday than just BEFORE. Now scheduled for February 28.

Saturday 5: She sleeps, protected by her bodyguard.

Sunday 6: Way back in the depths of quite a few years ago, April gave birth to a baby daughter. At the time, the decision was made that she would be put up for adoption. A few months ago, Julie decided to do some searching for her own biological mother (she was also adopted) and joined “23 & Me”. Imagine her surprise when she received a message suggesting that she might have a granddaughter. “I don’t have a granddaughter” and went outside for a smoke. Having recognised the name, she came back inside. “OMG, I do have a granddaughter!” She called April, who took it from there.

Meet Victoria, pictured here with April and Duncan’s service dog Amara. They have the same nose!

Monday 7: We took time out today to share dinner with our good friend Meghan at the Claim Jumper restaurant. Good food, good company!

Wednesday 9: We had a surprise chat with the apartment building owner today. He said that he would do whatever it takes to keep us as tenants. He’s dropping our rent by $50/month. Wow!

Sunday 13: I took a rest during the day. Guess who had to come and supervise.

Friday 18: Buddy and Sam having a stand-off. Sam has a peanut in his mouth.

Saturday 19: Julie has been really diligent about caring for the eye that was “fixed”. She has learned how to apply drops in it whenever I am not available and has bought a variety of glasses so that she can easily adapt to different light conditions, like the difference looking up between talk to a customer and looking down to read the data on the cash register. During a recent check-up visit to the surgeon, she asked for some advice on applying an ointment to the eye. It’s a different process because it’s gooey, not liquid. She gave us a demonstration. Take a cotton tip and apply the goo onto it. Approach the eye from the side, hold the eyelid open and twirl the cotton tip so that the goo lands in the eye. It works!
Friday 25: We celebrated my 70th birthday in style, with April, Duncan and Jim.

Sunday 27: Cleaned the apartment before surgery.

Even vacuumed the blankets.

Monday 28: Surgery day. Don’t remember much. In recovery here.

Must have taken a picture of my room.