December 2021

Wednesday 1: The spinal fusion surgery date is set for January 11, which I have known for a while, but now it’s close enough to be scary. And now Julie appears to be in line for surgery to her right eye, to correct it from looking about 30 degrees to the left. We might be recovering together.

Saturday 4: It looks like Julie’s career as a Fingerprint Technician is about to take off. After we drove up to Mount Vernon earlier this week for her to go through the very detailed process of being fingerprinted herself, she was notified yesterday that the card that authorises her to operate was ready to be collected. Hang on – that usually takes about 2 months! Either they have tweaked their process, or she had zero red flags. Whatever the reason is, she has a solid and “in demand” career ahead, and one that she can do even with her wobbly legs.

Monday 6: We took the first available opportunity to get up there and pick up the card. Sometimes it’s really handy to be working part time.

Sunday 26: Wow, how time flies. A lot has happening, but none of it got documented.

Julie’s surgery is now scheduled for January 31, so yes, we will be incapacitated together.

We celebrated Christmas with April and Duncan.

And it snowed.

At least I managed to get the car out of there.

Tuesday 28: It snowed again last night. The trees in the background have a dusting.

Our car has covers over the front and rear windows, so we can see how much has come in overnight.

Looking up the centre of the building to the golf course.

Thursday 30: Another 3 inches overnight. The car is in the undercover area outside, getting warmed up. You can see the effect of the covers. I left the layer on the top because I thought it looked rather cool.

However, sometime later, after I had driven Julie to work, all of it cracked into lumps that looked like icebergs. This a weird picture. looking into the rearview mirror, with the roof panel open on top, them the icebergs through the mirror on the rear window, and finally a blue car in front. I forgot to take a picture from the outside when I got home.

I got home to find that we have been usurped. Holly is there, just a bit harder to see her.

Friday 31: Today is my last day working, before I go into a “voluntary isolation” until the surgery. I am restricted to the apartment and the car, with a couple of doctor appointments. Sigh, Covid strikes again. And here’s the snow accumulation in the patio, untouched.

I took a short walk down to the back of the building. Not too many people playing golf lately.

The view from the other end.