November 2021

Sunday 7: And we’re off Daylight Saving time.

I have decided this year to go with Movember again. It’s a bit hard to profile a Mini-Mo when it looks no different, and all I have to work with is an electric shaver.

Julie has picked up a new job, as a Fingerprinter at Staples in Lynnwood. She uses the Para Transit system (again) when I am not around to deliver and pickup. When she is not busy doing training, she is working the cash register. She already has staff perks and is expecting to go full time soon. Fun times!

Meanwhile, I came across this picture of a parcel that had been delivered. The Amazon drivers should take one after every delivery, but that process is pretty hit and miss. However, it it is one of the few pictures of our front door decorations.

Sunday 14: April was baptised.

Saturday 20: I was surprised and very proud to receive this picture from Paul today. He is now Detective Paul Fiddaman with an Advanced Diploma of Police Investigation.

Friday 26: A long, long time ago, a little over 20 years to be more precise, April gave birth to a baby and the family decided to give the child up for adoption. Just recently, Julie got to thinking about doing something about possibly finding out more about her own birth mother, given that she and Janet were also adopted, and joined 23AndMe. Imagine her surprise when she received a message saying, “You appear to be my grandmother”. “I don’t have any – Wait, what?” This person’s name is the same as April’s baby! Trust me, panic ensued! The end result was that Victoria was in the area for a few days visiting her adoptive parents and she met with April and the former boyfriend. We have a picture from the meeting but it’s very small. It turns out that her adoptive parents have been living very close to April for all that time!