October 2021

Friday 1: Work has entered a new activity – using 4×4 vehicles to survey the rough country out near Snoqualmie and North Bend. Unfortunately, I don’t get to drive one, but then I had plenty of that in Australia anyway.

More deer. This time, there was 4 of them.

One of our team got himself bogged. My suggestion was simple – “Drive out forwards” – but it was ignored. As it happened, we were in the gateway to a residential community and a resident saw it all. This was the first attempt.

Followed by an attempt using a small diameter rope. This was the result of that.

Followed by his neighbour using a decent sized towing rope. Too easy!

Friday 8: I was back in the team following Felix, this time in a 4WD vehicle. He has keys for many of the gates that block people from driving into forest areas that need to be protected. However, today we were following an Enumclaw Fire Captain on his day off to many of the ones that even Felix can’t open.

Here we are in an activities area. This is one of the archery ranges.

Back into the mountains, a typical track.

One of the views. Note the angle on the road.

Hmm, I wonder why that area is a different colour.

Looking down on parts of Enumclaw.

For this one, click on it for the higher resolution version, and click on that for the details.

And we came home to this.

Monday 11: Again, up into the mountains.

Tuesday 12: At home, I had missed the 20 million point milestone on Chuzzle, but did manage to catch 21 million.

Friday 15: At the end of the job, we gathered for a team photo. The guy with the big belly tried very hard to blend in behind someone else.

Monday 18: I was included in the team driving the vans back to their home in Redmond. Leaving work when that was done, I was stopped at the light, to see a veritable “convoy” of Amazon vans. They must have just been released for their delivery runs. Click and click on the picture to count some of them. There was even more than you see there!

Tuesday 19: Some good news! I received a call from Laura, the owner of Home Instead, asking if I could start work again, working with just one client who doesn’t require lifting. “Hell, yeah!”. “OK, you start on Thursday”.

Wednesday 20: I paid a visit to a Neurosurgeon today. We reviewed the results of my recent MRI and he explained what and where the problems are. This is the whole picture of the area just above my bum.

The two on the left show where the disk has slipped up & to the right impacting on the nerves underneath. I think the one to the right shows where things are getting crowded.

Unfortunately, the next step is Spinal Fusion, which involves attaching a small titanium rod to each of the 3 bones on the left and locking them into place by bolting them onto a another titanium rod. Recovery is 4-6 months, so it will have to wait until next year, when I can apply for another round of FMLA payments.

And Julie picked up a new job. More on that next month.