September 2021

Wednesday 1: Wow. I went to make a blood donation today and was rejected because my haemoglobin count was too low. It was 12.7 and their lower limit is 13. It’s the first time I’ve ever been rejected, and all I thought was, “OK, I’ll just go home then”. Looking back on my most recent blood test two weeks ago, it was 12.1 – their range is 12.6 to 17.4, so it probably should have been flagged then. At least now it’s back in range.

Tuesday 7: For several weeks, we have been trying to capture a squirrel doing his mating call. Today we were successful.

Wednesday 8: Today we had another squirrel visit, The short video shows Holly not quite sure what to do after it had wandered strait past her.

Wednesday 15: We’ve been back to Vashon Island a few times with work. Given that we had just missed the ferry and had to wait for the next one, we were front and centre. The video shows how the ramp is not just lowered into place, but it also serves to lock the vessel into place.

Back at home, Buddy commandeering a paper bag.

Wednesday 22: While working today, we were sitting around waiting for some essential activities to complete, I needed a toilet in a hurry. Ooh, there’s a Honey Bucket right there on the footpath. Here’s what I had to show for the visit.

After work, I went back to the surgeon at the Interventional Pain Center for the fourth shot of Cortisone into the Epidural Space. This time, he went in at the L4-L5 area, which as he expected, wasn’t as open as he preferred, so he then went in at L5-S1. The result was considerably better. Sorry, no pictures.

Thursday 30: Today Julie was assigned to the Dispatch team, located at the King County Office of Emergency Management, buried in the back blocks of Renton. She was impressed with the Police Department’s tributes to their working dogs.