August 2021

Monday 2: On our travels today, we got a lot closer to the Pacific Bonsai Museum than most people (having driven into their car park and up to the building), before taking this picture from the road.

That night, the kids took over our kitchen, Yes, Duncan is that tall, towering over Julie now.

Wednesday 4: Ever since I arrived here, I’ve been looking for a big ol’ barn, still in good condition. Today, Julie found one for me.

Thursday 5: This tree house was worthy of a stop.

Friday 6: Oh great. Along with having to stop on a busy highway in the rain, we have to watch out for elk as well.

Sometimes you just have to stop where you can.

Sunday 8: Buddy and Julie enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. No idea what’s on his face.

We got home to find this in a package from our dear Aussie friend Colleen. It’s called “Diamond Dotz Art”. Each individual piece is is a bead, all put together by hand.

Monday 16: Today, we went to Vashon Island. “Cue the deer!”

On the return, we ran into this nice “little” traffic jam waiting for the return ferry, caused partly by the unavailability of the service to and from the bottom of the island. Fortunately, they had put a bigger vessel on the route, and we just made it on. The young bloke driving the other van had already had a mind-blowing first day on the job, and was even more blown away when his van was the last vehicle on.

Wednesday 18: We are now in between testing phases at work, so we’re at home a lot. Right after I got Colleen’s masterpiece mounted in a frame, someone just had to come along and claim it.

Friday 20: We had some good news late last night. The work we have been doing will continue in about another week, with a smaller group of people. We are among those who have been invited to stay on to do it. If we do, we will be paid until it restarts. We responded within minutes!

Sunday 22: We celebrated Duncan’s 16th birthday at Red Robin. This is Julie and Duncan getting ready to leave. Pretty sure she’s shrunk while he’s continued to grow..

Monday 23: I finally got around to putting the gift on the wall. You can’t see it in the picture, but the dots reflect the lights, so it sparkles!

Saturday 28: We are still enjoying our break from the work. The good news is that we both got paid yesterday, for the week ending last Saturday (the 21st). We have done a lot of clearing away the junk in the apartment, although some of it keeps coming back! Sam the squirrel has been busy, collecting nuts to bury. Clearly, someone has been supplying him.

Yep, he’s burying it.