July 2021

Thursday 1: At Julie’s request, I visited the Veterans Museum and took pictures of the uniforms she wore in Guam, but they weren’t quite right, so she did some research and found this instead.

This is a walk analysis from my PT session today.

What it means is that when my lower back is not giving me grief, I can walk normally.

This was something of a victory for ingenuity. I brought home shrouds so that I could work with them to remake removal packs. I usually do this when Julie is home, so that I can use her walking chair, but she was at work today, so I had to improvise, getting them from the car to the apartment.

Friday 2: Julie picked up another job. This time, it’s full time working with me as a tester. I’ll still be driving (unless I get asked to do testing), and we can work together in the same van. She is also keeping her Census job, which has been reduced to 5 days a month, so she asked to work every Saturday and the boss said yes. Can’t keep a good woman down!

Sunday 4: Yee haa, Happy Fourth of July. April came over and demonstrated some of the features of Julie’s new Instant Pot. We ate well.

Monday 5: Today being a Public Holiday on top of being paid to be on standby, we’ve been home most of the time, so the week and the holiday came and went, fireworks and all.

Tuesday 6: Julie started the new job. We are now in a new phase, called DAQ, “Delivered Audio Quality” testing, with 2 vans travelling in tandem and checking the quality of the signals between Dispatch and both vehicles, as well as between both vehicles. We sat in the vans, played with the radios and went home early.

Wednesday 7: We worked in the Maple Valley area. Julie did a fantastic job on the radio. I reckon I detected a bit of military training there.

Thursday 8: We were short of testers today, so I got to ride in the back seat and share the radio with her. We were out in the Woodinville area when the other van got a flat tyre. While we waited, a lovely guy came past, stopped to offer assistance and explained all about his farm, right next to where we were stopped. In August, he plants a huge area of sunflowers for anyone to come and take what they want, free of charge. In October (Halloween), he builds an equally huge corn maze, complete with a variety of scary animations, also free of charge, donations welcome. With help finally on the way, we headed back to the garage while the other folks waited for the rescue.

Friday 9: We were in the lead van and the other van had issues with their tablet, the one that directs us on what we need to achieve in the area that we are working. It turns out that someone had written the username and password on the back, but had put them back to front. This certainly is an interesting job.

Sunday 11: We came home from shopping to find a huge bug on the wall in the passageway to our front door.

Apparently, it’s a Crane Fly, perfectly harmless. For more information, you can do a search on the County of San Diego website.

Saturday 24: We now have the occasional spider in the apartment as well. This one was in our bedroom, and was quickly bundled up into a mug, picture taken and tossed outside. Yes, the glass is a Wedgetail trophy.

Afterthought: This may well have been the bugger that bit both of us. If I’d known that at the time, the result might have been different!

Monday 22: We are back at work and this time, it’s different. The first phase was Bit Error Rate testing, where the tester would call Dispatch and provide them with some numbers: Signal Strength and Bit Error Rate. After that, we would proceed drive through tiles and the laptop did all the work, transmitting and receiving.

This time, there are two vehicles, Portable and Mobile. Portable leads, Mobile follows. For each tile, there are several conversations: Test from Portable to Dispatch, confirmation & test from Dispatch, confirmation from Portable, then test from Portable to Mobile, confirmation & reply from Mobile, confirmation from Portable. Portable also leads, while Mobile simply follows. (If we get lost, it’s not my fault)! Julie and I have been both.

Wednesday 24: Even my colleagues commented on this as a bit over the top.

After we got home, someone making herself comfortable.