June 2021

Tuesday 1: I took some pictures for my PT Specialist in Israel.

My walking strip. I use this for relatively fast walks for analysis. Go out the door, out to the path, turn right and go. You can see the golf course in the background.

My walking frame. With the strap tensioned, I can now balance a box on it, leaning forward onto the front of the frame, if the box is big enough.

The same strap, in its relaxed form, will compact when the frame is closed.

With my work bag attached with a carabiner on each end. This means that the front wheels take the weight and the bag is outside my leg range, so I’m not kicking it. And after about 6 months of wear and tear, the slides on the bottom of the back legs fell apart, and have been replaced with some pretty purple ones.

For 2 days in a row now, my colleague has been working on the boat, so I have turned up to work to find that I’m not needed and gone home with a full day’s pay.

Wow. Our apartment took on the title of the Great Outdoors when we arrived home tonight. I walked in and saw 2 cats on the floor, staring up at a squirrel running franticly back and forth across the big mirror in the living room. When I picked up Buddy, he/she took off out the door. We were both too surprised to take a picture. And then, the poor little bugger couldn’t jump up onto the concrete wall of the patio, with Holly chasing him/her. He/she quickly solved the problem by first jumping up onto my exercise bike. “Dull” is not in our vocabulary.

News from April that Duncan has earned a “letter” for his achievements on the golf course. More on this when I understand the significance of it.

Friday 4: I just happened to have a full van today, with 2 testers in the back seats, one was pinging the North tower and the other was pinging the South tower. Then there was a representative of King County in the front seat. It appears that I clipped a front tire on something, and suddenly we had the tire rapidly going flat. We could have fitted the spare ourselves, but were instructed to wait for a King County person to arrive and do it for us. Then we had to return to the garage to swap into another van and then go back to where we needed to be. Fun times.

Sunday 6: The fun doesn’t stop there. The vehicle supervisor has been in contact this weekend because two of our testers have tested positive for Covid. So there will no work tomorrow as we all go and get tested. I scrambled and made an appointment for tomorrow.

Monday 7: The test wasn’t as bad as I had thought. It was a drive through clinic near downtown Everett. Keep your windows up unless we’re talking to you, and when you do open one, it’s only an inch or so. Take the swab and rotate it in each nostril for 10 seconds. Results possibly before tomorrow, although I suspect that not everyone will be quite so diligent and since we need the whole team on board, we probably won’t be working tomorrow as well.

Tuesday 8: Today, back at work, was once again out in the mountains.