March 2021

Monday 1: I thought this was funny, and after I explained my motive (not picking on her), she agreed. She is diligently doing her exercises (MUCH more than I do), and smoking. We both thought it was pretty funny.

Julie was minding her own business, until she looked up and saw this. It took me a few moments to get close enough for a decent picture.

Then looking the other way, she saw that their bowl was completely empty.

Thanks, Dad!

Tuesday 1: Really tough being a cat here.

Wednesday 3: I have been playing with the mini-drone that I have had for quite a while. I have finally figured out how to drive it from the phone (using an old one that is now spare) . This is a picture from its camera. Now I need to figure out how to take videos. And how to control the bloody thing, without it almost taking my head off!

This is a combination of icing and elevation. The pillowcase contains a large ice pack, one of two that we now own. This was an almost-bedtime sequence, followed by: Take the jammies off and let the leg and knee cool itself off overnight. It still surprises me just how much the back of the leg is affected. It’s still hard to find a bit that doesn’t hurt when it makes contact.

Thursday 4: I sent a few pictures to the surgeon, including this one, which suggests that my Range of Motion might be about 130 degrees. Gotta be happy with that.

Update: Got a reply from him: He was delighted! Probably doesn’t get very many people voluntarily keeping him in touch.

Saturday 6: Oh the joys of shopping these days, especially online for home delivery, not knowing just how many of something that we’re going to receive, and trying to compensate for the store being out of stock. Still, not sure even I could get through all of these before they went mouldy, so we enlisted some help from April and Duncan.

Monday 8: We both went on the Para transit service to Miracle Ear for Julie’s appointment, and Julie wore her Veteran’s hat. We were were hanging around outside afterwards, waiting for our pickup, when a lady approached us and started telling us that she was also a female veteran. She allowed me to take a picture of the back of her car.

Meanwhile, I had my annual chat with the Endocrinology specialist about my TSH test result of 12.7 (vs the “Normal” of 5.5), and he said that all I needed to do was to make a simple change to my daily dose. The dose is going from 0.083 to 0.112, using pills of .075 and .025, so of course Muggins makes up a small spreadsheet to document the process and make the transition easier.

Simple, I already have a supply of .025’s cut in half. Go to using 3 of those each day to make up the number, and when they are gone, switch to one and a half of the .075’s. Too Easy!

Saturday 13: As part of my getting back into driving, April and I drove to Seattle to collect Julie from work (with me driving). We were early, so we called in at the new Kraken shop. For those from places outside Seattle, The Kraken is the new Seattle hockey team.

I paid a fortune for parking.

Sunday 14: After Julie suggested that we could put the pillows at the other end of the bed and move my elevation stuff in there as well, those changes were implemented forthwith. The tiger is a big pillowcase.

It works, We get to snore together again!. The one blanket is big enough to cover everything. Julie is now on the wrong side (for her) because it’s further to go to the toilet, but she’s OK with that for now.

I did move the urinal off the to right, so that it is well away from everything else. Not a good look if I get that mixed up in the darkness.

Monday 15: Although I’ve had them for a while, it’s time to introduce my walking frame and carry-all bag.

The bag has two expanding containers, and fits the usual stuff like hat, gloves, parking placard, wallet and pain meds. On the outside, loops for keys and car key fob, and even an elastic slot for my phone.

Wednesday 17: I received an email today from the folks at the Paid Family & Medical Leave (PFMLA) office. It’s a new program from the Washington State people, so they have had a rather pressurised time setting it up in the current environment.


Thank you for contacting the Paid Family and Medical Leave team and thank you for your continued patience. Based on the information that you provided we cannot locate your account. If you have questions remaining, please contact the Customer Care Team at 1-833-717-2273. Please be aware our average wait time is currently 2 hrs. Our highest call volumes occur on Mondays and Wednesdays between 8:30am – 9:30am, and during the lunch period between 11am – 1pm.”

“That’s interesting”, I thought. I’ll just jump into my account and have a look. I did, and found that not only was my account still there where I saw it last, but that my application had been approved, which means I’ll receive the equivalent of my “normal” wages for the months of February, March and April. That certainly takes the pressure off. And the confirmation letter arrived the same day.

Saturday 20: 6 weeks post surgery. Still swollen and always painful, but looking good.

Monday 22: This arrived in the mail. I think I could manage to pay that.

Sunday 28: Two months post surgery and the time has flown. The pain in my knee has been the over-arching concern every day. I have been weaned off the Hydromorphone, which is a narcotic, resulting in a bit of trauma in the form of violent diarrhea. I am now alternating Tylenol for the pain with Advil to reduce the swelling, every 3 hours, starting at 6am and finishing at 9pm. Also along the way, I have been walking too much (really?) and not focusing on icing and elevating the leg, so the swelling is much more than it should be by now. I also joined a forum at, which has been a mine of good information.

I was outside on one of my walks and captured the clouds from the front of the apartment building.