December 2020

Tuesday 1: This vehicle had such character that I couldn’t help sharing it.

Friday 4: Buddy has been particularly clingy these days. To get to this point, Julie has to reach down and pick up all 11 pounds of him. That’s about 5 Kilos.

Exiting the area where one of my clients lives.

Sunday 6: Meanwhile, my right knee continues to be swollen and painful. I have a face to face appointment with the surgeon on the 11th, when we will decide on a surgery date and he will advise me on the preparations that I will need to do. I asked my regular doctor whether I could increase my dose of oxycodone from one to two if needed (only in the evenings, when I no longer need to drive anywhere) and his response was, “Of course you can! You are certainly not overusing it, and 2 per day is not going to put you in harm’s way.” Whenever I do need to take two, I sleep like the proverbial brick and wake up groggy, so I don’t do it very often.

Monday 7: We have a new cat! Her name was either Holden or Hudson (not sure which) and we decided to rename her Holly, to go with Buddy. Buddy Holly, get it? She is currently locked in our bedroom while she aclimatises, and so that Buddy doesn’t beat the crap out of her.

Friday 11: Julie bought me two covers to go over the car, now that it’s out in the weather all the time. Here’s the one that goes on the front, complete with magnets to attach it and flaps to go inside the doors.

Tuesday 15: We have been slowly closing down Holly’s options, so that she was forced to come out of hiding. Her first action was to hide under the centre section of the big couch (the ends have the pop-out leg support). From there, she would bolt back to the bedroom if she got spooked. Since then, she has emerged from the bedroom and appears for a scritch. We had a breakthrough with the cats today, when they both squared off at each other. Sorry, no picture!

I had taken a client to Seattle for an appointment. Looking out of the window, I recognised this building as one that I had helped to build.

Thursday 17: Meanwhile, Holly continues to make herself at home.

Monday 21: The white stuff arrived in time for Christmas, albeit a few days early. The jagged edge at the bottom of the video is snow that wasn’t removed earlier.

Wednesday 23: Yep, that works. Later, I figured out that it should be the other way, with the silver stuff on the inside!

Thursday 24: This is the honkin’ big ham for Christmas lunch/dinner. Yes, that’s 10 inches across.

Friday 25: Merry Christmas. The ham was really tasty – here’s the recipe.

I’ve just realised that I haven’t yet put up the surgery date, which is January 21. I guess I’ve been too busy with working 7 days a week and arranging a bucket load of appointments for both before and after the date.

We managed to get through Christmas, celebrating the day with April and Duncan. And my knee continues to be sore and slowly getting worse.

Thursday 31: Both April and Julie will be my “coaches” after the surgery. April has been watching the coaching video that the hospital put together and has been calling with questions and suggestions. The glaringly obvious one that we have all (independently) identified is the access path into the bathroom. It has now been modified to remove the bottom 4 shelves.