November 2020

Sunday 1: Today, I’ve been experimenting with the webcam, and finally brought it inside for a slightly more exciting view. Funny how you can see a lot of the kitchen in the reflection off the closet. There’s even a sleeping cat in there if you look hard enough.

Monday 2: As it happens, the light you see and the one off to the left that you can’t see are both switched on via timers. For the first time since we moved in, I was able to scan the video and see exactly when each one came on.

Friday 6: And here we have me annoying Buddy with my cane. I deliberately hung around there for a minute so that the camera would catch us.

Saturday 7: We continue to be excited over the number of squirrels we have here (or maybe we just keep seeing the same ones over and over). We have been feeding them the stale bagels after we left them too long. Break off a piece, flick it under the fence, repeat. Buddy still thinks he has half a chance of catching one of them. Hah!

My knee continues to get worse, as expected. The MRI taken several weeks ago showed that the arthritis in it continues to grow, to the point where the meniscus is torn and I have bone on bone. During a phone call with my Primary Care doctor, he was surprised that I was still walking! He confirmed that with those results, surgery is the only option, so I have sent a message to the surgeon to schedule me. Probably won’t happen until late December at the earliest anyway. I will not be able to drive for 6 weeks – if I needed to brake suddenly, the pain level would be too much for me to flip across to the brake pedal without hesitating. Altogether, 6 months until full recovery. Ugh!

Sunday 8: We spotted a squirrel on the ground outside, so decided it was time for a feed. The end result was a picture of this one upside down on the post with a big lump of bagel in its mouth.

Monday 9: It still blows me away that the squirrels come right up to our door.

Wednesday 11: Sharing some time out there.

Sunday 15: This is the intersection where we exit from the apartments onto Evergreen Way. We’ve been watching the vacant building just left of the lights for a while.

And now we know – it’s the new temporary home of Everett Santa.

Thursday 19: This 1958 picture of Julie, Janet and cousins has been around for a long time, but has only just surfaced again. We added the names.

Saturday 21: Julie reported while I was at work that she and Buddy had been watching TV, and that he’s “a better door than a window”.

And at work, I dropped my client! It’s not as bad as it sounds. We were returning from the bathroom when he allowed his walking chair to get too far in front of him. That put more weight on his legs, which then started to fail. Realising that he was “going down” and there wasn’t anything I could do about it, I then held onto him tightly and we both gracefully collapsed onto the floor. Once we recovered a bit and he wanted me to lift him back into his chair (not gonna happen), he still want to scoot over towards it, so I helped him towards a nice big foot stool, which I jammed against the wall, so that he could lean against it and I could sit on it and support him. Called the office. Called 911. Unlocked the front door. Suddenly we had a house full of people, including some neighbours. Apparently, whenever something like that happens, the person needs to be checked out by medical professionals. Then two of the big strong medics lifted him back into his chair, just like that! The end result was that my boss assured me that I had everything correctly, which was a huge relief.

Tuesday 24: We were getting ready to go out when Julie spotted Buddy in a new and very comfortable place to sleep – on top of the towels in the bedroom closet. We’ve decided to leave that sliding door open, to encourage him to stay away from the front door.

Thursday 26: Julie was posting on Fuzzbook that Buddy had become an outdoor cat, and posted this to prove it.

Then someone asked how high the patio (or catio as it’s now called) is and we replied “about 12 feet”. So of course she had to show that too.

After that it was preparation for Thanksgiving lunch.

We had fun today. This was Julie’s reaction to something Duncan said.

With a sword fight, ah utensil fight, to follow.

And even better when I went to work. Yesterday, as my client and I were eating dinner (a Sub for me and what I had cooked for him), he received a phone call from his cardiologist to say that he would have a thanksgiving dinner delivered today. And it arrived right on time, so not only did I not have to cook dinner, I got to eat some of it, including some lobster!

Sunday 29: Hmm, looks like Autumn is here.