October 2020

Friday 2: It’s official – we have moved, and the webcam is stuck on the latest picture it took on Tuesday 29th. The apartment is about the same size, but being one bedroom instead of two, it feels more spacious. When we brought Buddy here and let him out into the patio, he actually rolled on the ground. We’ve never seen him do that before.

Saturday 3: Happy cat!

After Julie and Nancy sorted out the kitchen, I needed post-it notes on the doors to see where everything was. The original request was, “Create a plan for the whole kitchen area and put post-it notes on each door, and then start filling the cupboards”, but that was way too logical for the female brains.

Sunday 4: We have known since we had access to this apartment that there is no light fitting in the living room. Today, we were messing with light switches, turn one on, and the power point in the opposite corner switched off (and killed the Internet connection). Aha! That’s what it does, I wonder if the one by the front door does the same. Yep. So I had to power the Internet stuff from a different outlet and plug the lamp into the one that can be switched. Some days it’s the little wins that count.

Tuesday 6: The webcam might now be renamed as the BuddyCam.

Now to add to the mess, the plugin that enabled me to use the Comic Sans MS font generates an error, so now I have to use the WordPress standard one and I can’t drop the picture right up under the text. Ugh!

Friday 9: We are actually winning. The TV works, the clock is still running, the light to your left (can’t see it) can be switched from near the bedroom, and the other 2 lights are now on timers. And the “pile” is almost manageable.

Wednesday 14: I stepped outside to go to work and was surprised to hear a loud noise that didn’t stop. Looked up to see some very large trees. We’re not used to that!

Friday 16: Almost finished the unpacking. It doesn’t look like much, but a lot of things got sorted in the process. All of the pictures that will fit on the walls have been hung

The kitchen table is now a “controlled” mess.

Looking towards the couch and window, with computer stuff in the corner. We will probably drop the cover on the cedar chest down over the back as well.

Sunday 18:Yep, there he is.

And while we’re on the subject, Julie finally made a cupboard Buddy-proof.

We are preparing for the colder weather and decided that a set snow chains for the car would be a good investment. With a confusing array of tyre sizes to choose from, I needed to know what size ours were. What better way to record the information, so that I wouldn’t forget it between car park and apartment, than taking a picture. I was surprised to find that it has 17″ wheels.

Wednesday 21: We’ve had lots of squirrels in the patio today. Buddy was going nuts at one point.

Saturday 24: One of my clients has a bed that looks straight out of the window onto a hummingbird feeder. One of my first activities when I started there was to refill it.

Tuesday 27: We lost this client today, died peacefully in his sleep. At least he’s no longer in pain, but I’m going to miss the grouchy old coot.

Thursday 29: After a concerted effort this week, we are now just about finished in the apartment. For the first time in a very long time, it feels like HOME.

Friday 30: Now that my job has backed off a bit from weekends of 12-hour shifts, in preparation for a set of 4-hour shifts, but 7 days a week, I’m doing some catching up. Last month, Julie acquired a new pair of hearing aids, ones that actually work and screen out background noise in favour of people speaking. The company is veteran friendly and when she mentioned some details of her service, the receptionist gladly took her picture, to put on the Wall of Honour in their office. This is her entry. She is on the far left at the bottom.

While we’re on achievements, my Red Cross 50 Donations Certificate turned up in one of the piles of paper. It must be over 40 years since I received that in Australia!

Saturday 31: This surprised both of us – Buddy sitting in Julie’s lap for an extended time. Looking through the kitchen to the bathroom.