August 2020

Saturday 1: August already and I am once again unemployed. Delivery Force finally wound up their operation as expected. Door Dashing, here we come!

Meanwhile, Mary (the property manager here) showed us two of the apartments that are currently available through her and the owners. The one just a few streets away from here is VERY small. The other one, off Evergreen Way and backing onto the golf course, is more our size, although it’s a one bedroom. The “balcony” is a fenced off ground level area where Buddy MIGHT be able to explore. We’re hopeful that she will be able to convince the owner to rent it to us at about the same price.

Monday 3: Mary came back to me via text message to say that the second one is ours. It will take them a while to clean it up, but at least now we know.

Tuesday 4: Tough life being a cat around here. Hey, why can’t we sleep like that?

Wednesday 5: We finally bit the bullet and upgraded Julie’s aging iPad with a refurbished iPad Mini 5 from Back Market, who are now our go-to people for new tech. While she was at work, I kicked off the process of running it up, to be surprised by how easy it was.

As part of the organising we need to do, we started on the huge pile of meds. Buddy: “Oh, goody, another place I can claim.”

Friday 7: I’ve been out Door Dashing each day this week while Julie is at work. Today, I found myself really in the middle of nowhere. At this point, I was leaving the area, West of Stimson Crossing, going West on the dirt road out of there, which then turned right (North) to connect to the road you can see. Home and “new home” in Everett are at the bottom of the screenshot.

We closed the cabinet. OK, I’ll claim the walker then. “Face it people, I own everything in this place.”

“Or we just share your chair.”

“And of course, if you don’t like it you can always leave.”

Saturday 8: Some time last week, I took a look at the hummingbird feeder and found it full of gunk and mouldy looking stuff. No wonder they hadn’t been around for a while. So I took it down, scrubbed it clean and only partly filled it, because if I fill it all the way, we’ll be back in the same situation. Here it is, and we have seen visitors to it already. And there is a reminder in our “system” for me to clean and refill it every weekend.

Saturday 15: Yep, it was time to refill it. This little guy was finishing off the dregs this morning.

Meanwhile, I was out near where the car is parked and Sam was there, just poking around, really close to where I was standing.

While I was making up another batch of sugar water for the feeder, Julie saw a hummingbird hanging around, as if to say, “Huh! It was there not long ago!” Hmm, perhaps I should change the “system” such that I make up a batch and let it cool first, before taking the feeder down to clean it and refill it.

Thursday 20: A while ago, I started taking a natural supplement to help me sleep, containing a small amount of CBD, which appeared to assist the process. Then last week I took a drug screen for a possible part time job at FedEx. The results came back with a positive for “marijuana has been metabolised”, whatever that means. “WHAT?” I even took this picture to send to the recruiter to show that there is no mention of THC, and now I wait to see what they will do.

Saturday 22: It looks like Buddy has decided to move with us after all.

Tuesday 25: I needed to put a profile picture onto a new recruiter’s website, so I figured it was time to take a new one. Wow, I look lopsided.

We see some interesting things in our apartment. Here we have rainbow from one of the danglies in the front window, plus a reflection of part of it onto the wall on the right, and then a reflection of that reflection in the mirror.

Wednesday 26: Duncan’s Service Dog in Training, Amara, had to go to the vet today to be spayed. I got the job of getting her there. And had to resort to some interesting ways of keeping her contained so that I could drive.

Here’s one of the clinic staff handing her back to Duncan later in the day.

Update on the drug screen: I received a notification from FedEx that their policy would not allow them to employ me for another 6 months. Meanwhile, I have done some research. The positive result would have been for the presence of “marijuana metabolites”. It looks like the culprit is the “Full-Spectrum Hemp extract blend”. Given that the test was taken on the 13th, whatever it is should be out of my system by now. Certainly hope so, because I am now applying for another round of jobs.

On that note, I had a long phone conversation with a recruiter for a driving job in Monroe. I will call her colleague, who knows all of the details of the job, on Tuesday.

Thursday 26: I had a wonderful in-person chat with the recruiting person at Home Instead Care about working for them as an in-home care person. At least this time, the pee test was a simple one and I passed it! Next step is fingerprinting next week.

Sunday 30: For the monthly photo competition on the Aussie Motorhomers forum, where the subject was “Unexpected guests at the campfire”, I submitted this from April of this year, more on the unexpected than the campfire.

I was surprised that it was a finalist, and ended up in third place –
Rodney’s old couple sitting around, waiting, waiting”.

Meanwhile, April and Duncan have been helping us pack in preparation for our upcoming move to an apartment in Beverly Hills Apartments in Highway Place, a little over 2 miles to the South of here. Very strange, eating my breakfast from a plastic bowl!

Monday 30: Equally as strange, and a new sign of the times. Wash the masks by hand and then have to find somewhere to dry them.