June 2020

Tuesday 2: The rhododendron outside our bedroom window was late to the party, because it lives mostly in the shade.

Wednesday 3: Venus made another dramatic appearance last night.

Buddy’s box has been moved, so he had to settle into it again.

Thursday 4: Our resident squirrel left us a present – a peanut shell.

We went outside and there he was.

Friday 5: Been trying to capture one of these for several days. Finally got one.

Thunderstorm over the station.

A nice surprise after an pretty ugly day.

Monday 8: The same rhododendron from inside the bedroom.

My jar of roasted unsalted cashews had run out. Rather than throw out the crumbs, I decided to leave them for the squirrel. He wasted no time, both enjoying some and burying the rest.

And Buddy of course had to supervise. We often wonder what he would do if he actually caught the squirrel, but we also don’t want to find out.

Update: For the record, we have now named the squirrel “Sam”, which works equally well for Sam or Samantha.

Thursday 11: Pretty easy to see which one is our apartment – the one with the window still boarded up.

Friday 12: Today’s Milk Run exercise was to move a HUGE amount of cleaning supplies to the other stations. Last night, I did some research to find out how much weight each van could carry, so that we could be sure that weren’t overloading them. Today, measure one of each type of box using our bathroom scale, multiply by the number of boxes  and calculate the total.

Meanwhile, I took pictures to send to the others, so that they would know where to go when they arrived and I wasn’t there.

Go up the driveway on the left of the building.

When you see this, turn left.

Look for where this van is/was parked and back into the building.

Expect to see this.

… and this.

With the benefit of hindsight, it would have been better to move all this stuff a little at a time, because since then, I have seen most of it at some of the stations, still sitting there on the pallets that we so carefully placed them on, but since the company wanted to get paid extra for the effort, we had to put another person on for the day and get it all done in one day.

Sunday 14: Given that “we” (not us personally, but Seattle in general) were at the forefront of the upheaval here in the USA, I figured it would be appropriate to put up a copy of an aerial picture of one of the streets in the “CHOP” (Capital Hill Occupied Protest).

Tuesday 16: One of my colleagues refused to drive his van any more, as the right side (remember, that’s the blind side) was broken and useless. That’s OK, said the boss, swap with Rodney so that he can bring it back to Everett to get it serviced. Rodney of course dug out his roll of sticky tape and at least got the frame to hold together as one piece. And then yoinked it forward so that he could see SOMETHING down that side. This is from the drivers seat.

Thursday 18: Julie had a revelation recently, when she saw someone walking using a walking frame, but instead of pushing it in front of her as Julie was doing, she was standing upright and using the frame only for support and “just in case”. Julie was determined to do the same and has been walking that way since then. The next step (surprising herself in the process) was to walk with no actual support around the apartment. Here’s what that looks like. You can see the concentration, following by a process of, “I’ll grab the door handle. No, I won’t, not until I get there!”

We are both VERY proud of her progress, as this is the step beyond what the rehab people were teaching her.

Friday 19: More (and better) attempts to capture Mt Rainier.

Saturday 20: I was playing with the Canon camera that I have had for years, and surprised myself with the clarity of the results.

Sunday 21: Today’s return load was the biggest yet, overflowing into the cabin (strapped in with the seat belt of course).

Tuesday 23: I managed to get a clear view of the mountain from a little closer to it. Kinda scares me being that close to a potentially active volcano.

Friday 26: It turned out that today was a much bigger day than when it started. My colleague and I arrived at the station in Renton to find a HUGE collection of stuff that needed to go to the station in Everett. We bagged them up until it became abundantly clear that it would take 2 loads, so I got the van loaded and left him to bag up the remainder. This is what became the second load!

Saturday 27: Back at the beginning of this year, when we were talking about mould in the apartment, the landlord surprised me, as he apparently does with everyone, that Seattle has two episodes of really heavy rain each year, at the start of winter and the start of summer. We appear to be in the latter one now. This was taken from the van on the freeway heading north from downtown.

Monday 29: This is what was waiting for me this morning. It all has to be bagged up so that I can get it into the van. Fortunately, I had an Amazon person to help.

Julie had her first taste of having to wear a mask away from home when we went shopping. I had to help her to try to get a seal around her nose to stop her glasses fogging up – partially successfully!

Tuesday 30: Now that my “quarantine” period after the transfusions I received during the surgery is over, I can go back to donating again. This setup is called the “Big Red”, which is all red cells without the plasma, and I only need to donate 3 times a year.