May 2020

Friday 1: It’s May already. Can we get back to “normal” yet? I figured Julie would enjoy this picture of the road she used to travel every day from home in Sumner to work in Kent. There seemed to be a bit more traffic on the roads today.

Nice rig. As they turned left, the rider shifted himself way over to the left, probably to avoid putting too much weight on the sidecar.

Saturday 2: The load coming back from today’s Milk Run was even bigger. Probably only a total of about 2-3 cubic feet of spare space in there!

Sunday 3: Those who know me well will know just how much I just LOVE being TOLD what to wear, as well as when and where. This is my answer to Amazon’s edict that masks must be worn not just in the stations, but on deliveries as well. The problem for me is that the hot air that I breathe out fogs up my glasses, so I take the bottom flap and turn it up on the outside. It still covers nose and mouth….. (just).

Monday 3: Julie asked me to capture this rhododendron on my way over to the funeral home. She says it stands out spectacularly from where she sits in our living room.

Tuesday 5: Ludo came for a visit today. Trying to get these two to actually do something while on video is a bit like pulling teeth. This was the best I could get.

I was doing a quick bit of shopping, while Julie was leaning on the car outside. She managed to capture this. She says she was shaking so much, it’s a miracle that it came out so well!

As it turns out, the one in the middle is a rare event called a reflection rainbow, as reported by Komo News, where the sun reflects off the water of Puget Sound, forming a “V” shape, in addition to the one on the left, where the sunlight is coming through a different cloud and creating a separate rainbow.

I also started on a regular schedule of 6 days a week on the Milk Run, Tuesday to Sunday. 6 days of about 6 hours is pretty close to 4 days of 10 hours, without the damage to my knee from “bouncing in and out of the van more than 100 times a day.

Wednesday 6: I was amazed today that someone would pick on my version of wearing the mask. I replied that the instructions were that it should cover the nose and mouth, but then someone else threw in that it didn’t conform to the “picture” instructions. Some days it’s easier to just gracefully comply, shut the hell up and walk away. I went outside and used one of the portable toilets instead of hanging around.

Thursday 7: For a while now, I have been trying to capture both Mt Rainier and the Seattle skyline. Today, I managed to do both in the same day, by holding the phone and firing the camera as much as possible.

Mt Rainier, from somewhere near the I-5/I-405 junction.

Seattle skyline (heading North on the I-5).

Friday 8: Julie mentioned a few days ago that Venus was even brighter at present. I just happened to be looking at the webcam videos this morning and there it is, on Monday morning, until it disappears behind the Girl Scouts building.

And yesterday morning, right through into daylight.

After a message discussion with April and Julie, I used my lunch break time, while I was in the Sumner area, to seek out a better vantage point for a picture of Mt Rainier. These people must have an AWESOME view from the other side of their house.

Returning to the station today, it was empty because they were about to sanitise the whole area, which gave me the opportunity to show just how much stuff I pack, load and unload.

Earlier in the day, I had already picked up one load to go back to Everett and was working on the second one. Meanwhile, my colleague Angel was bring me another lot from Sumner, He took one look at what I already had and said, “Oh”. OK, we can do this. We packed it FULL!

Back at the station in Everett. It was so tight at the back that I had REALLY slammed the doors shut.

And we had packed all the way down into the side well where the sliding door closes.

Part way through emptying. That’s a solid wall of boxes.

The same wall from the front.

Tuesday 12: I watched Buddy squeeze himself into the tiny space under the hutch in the living room. This was all that was showing.

Friday 15: The appointment time for my doctor to treat my swollen knee finally came around. I was able to show him this view from outside to assure him that yes, it’s beautiful outside. Click on it for the big picture.

Returning from a Door Dash session, we could see a stunning sunset brewing, but because of all the overhead wires, it took me a while to finally find a spot where there were none, by which time it had lost some of its impact. Still pretty impressive though.

Meanwhile, I had to raise the flag at the funeral home after being at half staff all day for Police Officers Memorial Day.

The same rhododendron bush, up close. This one is probably about 100 years old.

Saturday 16: I’ve been following this sign for a while. It switches between the two screens. It started out with “AIREAL”, then someone must have suggested a spell check and they came up with this. Come on, people, it isn’t hard to look it up and find that it’s “AERIAL”.

Update: They finally got it right 2 days later.

Just one day after the treatment, the effect of the injection on my knee has reduced the swelling as promised. Buddy supervising as usual.

Earlier in the week, Julie noticed that the hummingbirds were arriving and then leaving again immediately. So I took it down and I could see why. Not only it was empty, but it was thoroughly gummed up with black muck. Lots of detailed cleaning later, it was filled and this time was placed at the other end of the balcony, where we can see it from inside. Tonight, we managed to capture one on camera.

Monday 18: Wow, nothing stays static around here. At about 4:05AM, we’re fast asleep and there’s an almighty crash. Some lovely soul has thrown a large rock through our front window!

In the daylight. We’ve known for some time that someone (other than Julie) has been smoking on our balcony. This is the trail in from the main pathway.

It has pushed the top half of the rather heavy hutch several inches.

Later in the day, I pieced together a timeline from the webcam pictures. 3:40 – All quiet.

3:41 – The whole area on the left goes dark. Someone is standing right in front of the camera.

3:42 – Back to normal.

3:43 – Something going on at lower left, not sure what.

3:45 – Back to normal. Probably gone off to find something to use to disable the camera.

4:07 – Really not sure what’s happening here. Could be that the camera was falling down between the wall and cabinet at that precise moment.

4:08 – The camera is upside down inside the apartment, looking under the hutch at the floor.

Later in the day. That rock weighs nearly 8 pounds, about 3.6 Kg.

This is after I cleaned it up a lot, before the glass guys got here.

Nice job.

Wednesday 20: This is a “Buddy sequence”.

I hadn’t realised that I already had the squirrel in the picture, so just kept firing.

Thursday 21: I decided that I should move the barbecue away from where it was showing up in the webcam pictures, so went out onto the balcony to do just that. It’s been such a weird week, that neither of us was watching Buddy, who quietly slipped out the door while I was busy. A few minutes later, I could hear him meowing at the front door. Opened it up and there he was, cold fur and all! Relief and surprise all round. At least he had the brains to navigate to the door from the balcony! And even better, he hasn’t looked to get outside at all since then.

Friday 22: We finally managed to capture a hummingbird in flight at the feeder.

Wednesday 27: In keeping with the concept of still trying to get a good picture of “the mountain”, I saw the opportunity coming up while going south on the I-5, so had the camera ready.

Thursday 28: This has become “normal” for the amount of stuff I need to fit into the van each day.

Friday 29: Today I went in search of some places I visited during the week on the way home, this time making the effort to park the car and walk down towards the water, and also to use the “pano” option for pictures on the phone. Click on each one for the big picture.

If you zoom in on this one, just above the horizon on the left, you can see “something” in flight.

Saturday 30: April bought us a rather large TV a few days ago, which she had planned to do for Mothers Day, only to find out that all of them were sold out. The only place it fits in on the kitchen bench, facing the living room. When we tuned in to the news tonight, we were stunned, as so many others were, to see the violence and looting in downtown Seattle.

Sunday 31: With some time to spare in my work day, I took a little drive down 4th Avenue in downtown.

A boarded up shop on the right. Here’s the video: 8MB.

Lots of repair trucks and more boarded up shops on the left. Here’s the video: 18MB.