February 2020

Saturday 1: On the way back to Everett at the end of the day today, I was seeing snow blobs on the windscreen, so I knew that there was a snow cloud around somewhere. As I came over the hill leading down into where the station is, I had a superb view of the setting sun coming through under the canopy of the snow cloud, but couldn’t stop to capture it. Not to be outdone, on the way home from the parking lot, I pulled right behind someone else to one of the viewing areas looking over the area where the Snohomish River flows into the Puget Sound and managed to capture this. The illumination on the rocks in the foreground is from his lights.

Sunday 2: Got to the parking lot early, so went for a walk to the river bank. This was the best of what I captured.

Monday 3: It’s amazing what we find in the dumpster after people have moved out!

Then I walked back inside and captured this.

Saturday 8: Amazon have implemented a new system for getting the vans in and packed each morning. Like everything else they do, it has had its teething problems, and everyone is getting out the door anywhere up to 30 minutes late. That being said, I can see the merit, once the process settles in. Today, I was earmarked to park in spot C7, which means row C, number 7. Rows A & B will go up the to other end of the building, while C & D go in through the nearest doors. Here, the vans are still pulling in, to go past where I am and come in from the top, and each will stop in the correct staging area, with A & B on the left and C & D on the right. When the previous group leave, we move inside in the correct sequence.

With all the rain we’ve had recently, the mud combined with leaf mulch produces a VERY slippery mush. At the top of the picture, you can see where I slipped a bit, so I was VERY careful to plant my feet in one place while I dug out the packages I needed.

Lunch break today. I starting to get to know the places in each delivery area where I can park for the break. I was surprised to see Canada Geese here. I thought they go much further South.

I had delivered to this place before, so knew where it was. Park the van in a little layoff, then walk down the steps past the artificial waterfall.

Sunday 9: Waiting for things to happen at the parking lot.

Coming home at the end of the day, I had a superb view of the sunset from the bridge, but had to wait until the viewing area before I could pull off for a picture. I was pleased with the way that this one turned out.

Friday 14: Work was a lot of fun today – not. It started with an announcement from our manager that Delivery Force and Amazon had terminated their business relationship, and that all of us (including the manager) would be no longer required on or before April 16. More on that later.

Meanwhile, they did it again, covering all 3 of the identifying markers for this package – the QR code, the barcode and the TBA number. Fortunately, I was able to carefully scratch the end of the yellow sticker away from the vertical barcode.

Hmm, yep, you have to drive around these huge trees.

Saturday 15: Early this morning, someone came across the full story and posted it on the work chat forum. Amazon had simply killed off Delivery Force, along with a few others. We all may or may not have 2 months to find other work.

And the folks staging packages managed to go one better, completely obliterating ALL of the markers. I had to very carefully read the VERY small printed TBA number off the label itself and key it into the device.

Monday 17: For the record, yes, we are still married, to each other. And I’m saying this because I keep forgetting to mention the awesome progress that my beloved is making in regaining her ability to walk. She has co-opted one of the other residents in the building to help her to walk occasionally – out the door (duh!), down the step (necessary), down the pathway to the street, and has progressed from reaching the driveway to going all the way to the street corner. She is also now looking for work again, part time, and is up against the fact that she is not as mobile as most employers would want her to be. We even took a walk over the road to the Girl Scouts office for her to offer to volunteer for them.

Thursday 20: I was a spare today, which means I pick up a route if someone fails to turn up for work. While I waited, I took a walk down to the river bank and captured the bridge to Marysville.

Julie recently joined an online Military group, who sent her a frame for the licence plate on the car. Looks pretty cool, I think.

Ah, Houston, we have a problem. To properly straighten up the bottom sheet at the head end, I pulled the bed out a bit and found rather large quantities of mould on EVERYTHING – the wall, the bed head, the bedside tables. Even the bed base and mattress felt damp.

This is Julie’s mother’s manicure set, which for many years has carried the scent of her perfume. Not any more!

That night, I dug out an air bed that inflates itself – just plug it in and switch it on, which didn’t exactly STAY inflated. We had a few laughs after we landed on top of each other in the middle of the night.

Since then, the bedroom has been turned upside down, sprayed, aired and heated, while we wait for a response from the building owners.

Sunday 23: I was having a rough day today with my right knee hurting more than I would like it to be, and was heartened when I came across the 1952 sequencing code on this one.

Friday 28: The building owner came out and we talked about possible causes. There is a similar issue in a similar place in the apartment across the way. His diagnosis is that when it rains heavily, which on average is twice a year (September/November and February/March), all of that excess water from the courtyard area soaks into the gardens on both side, and from there ends up deep under the nearest parts of those walls. Combine that with a room that is rarely heated and a window that is never opened, and there’s “probable cause”.

He suggested to the maintenance guy that we should remove the plastic molding at the base of the affected walls and check whether the carpet is wet, and then treat the existing mould with the stuff that we had already bought. All that happened pretty quickly, and our bedroom is now more or less back to “normal”, except for a honking big dehumidifier in there, to dry the air out for a while.

Saturday 29: Woohoo, it’s Leap Year Day. Just for a change, I decided to actually go somewhere to each my lunch, and since I was already in a shopping centre, I just moved the van to a bigger parking slot. And then, instead of just sitting in the driver’s seat, I decided to do it properly, open the sliding door and sit in the back. Looking out, I saw this.

And then decided to take this. Good use of the box, I thought.

Then on the way from the station back to the parking lot, I was earlier than usual, so took a few moments to stop and capture this picture, looking out over Puget Sound at Hat Island.