January 2020

Wednesday 1: Happy New Year. A new decade!

And an addition to the very beginning of this story – some stories from way back when we were kids, also accessible via the Timeline Highlights page.

After last week, when I had 4 days in a row off work because of scheduling mis-communications, and I am now on my third day off this week. My body is telling me that I really did need them!

One of the advantages of living on the ground level is that we can see the status of the dumpster from our kitchen window, and therefore don’t have to go out in the rain to check it. This is what it looked like today.

Thursday 3: Julie has been hanging out with April and Duncan today, while I’ve been working.

Friday 4: Coming out of the Safeway in Shoreline, this honkin’ big seagull was not giving up his burger for anyone, including me in the van. He stood his ground until I was almost on top of him.

Wednesday 8: Oh, Goodie. This looks like fun for the next 2 weeks. I expect to be working Thursday through Sunday each week.

Thursday 9: Beautiful piece of parallel parking. It went in there in one go!

Friday 10: And so it starts. This from April when she woke up.

Saturday 11: In Shoreline, it was raining.

Sunday 12: Also in Shoreline. I was in the back of the van, adding another layer, and found this when I got back into the front.

After that the fun really started, alternating between rain, hail and snow. This mess was on the freeway near Lynnwood.

This mess was when I got back to the station.

And this one was when I got back to the parking lot.

Later in the evening, at home.

Monday 13: Hmm.

Tuesday 14: This came in on the work group chat, with the title – “PRO TIP: Slide down snowy driveways so you don’t fall.”

We had to go to the VA Clinic in Lake City and then on to the VA Hospital today. These tracks were in the car park at the clinic.

And this was the view from the new Building 101 at the hospital.

Wednesday 15: The snow has come in with a vengeance today.

Getting even heavier.

Thursday 16: It’s common to see placards indicating a preference for presidential candidates. This one says it all.

Monday 21: My weekend. Here’s our new pet, the steaming hippo, doing his job of increasing the humidity in the apartment. We also have a different one in the bedroom, in an attempt to reduce Julie’s (and my) coughing overnight.

Thursday 23: I keep forgetting, until days like today, how crappy the freeway traffic can be. I keep reminding myself that I’m getting paid to get stuck in traffic.

Sunday 26: It’s been raining.

Friday 31: At the parking lot this morning,  could see that there was a pretty nice sunrise brewing, so took a few steps away from the van and captured this gem.