December 2019

Sunday 1: Today at work was “different”. No idea why, but I was allocated a Nursery Route. I had just finished my first bag when James turned up for a rescue. Say whaaat! I can finish this! Upon further reflection (remember that I spend pretty much the whole day talking to myself), I concluded that being scheduled as a Spare, he needed to be given some work to do. It threw me for a while and I found myself slowing down, until the one-sided conversation turned into a bit of a pep talk about yesterday’s getting into the rhythm and keeping it, and I got to about 2:30 pm having finished the route. A call to Dispatch resulted in me being assigned a rescue myself, so the 3 bags I had given up earlier became 3 bags that I picked up later, and still finished about 4 pm. All in all, a pretty satisfying Sunday. I even got home in daylight!