December 2019

Sunday 1: Today at work was “different”. No idea why, but I was allocated a Nursery Route. I had just finished my first bag when James turned up for a rescue. Say whaaat! I can finish this! Upon further reflection (remember that I spend pretty much the whole day talking to myself), I concluded that being scheduled as a Spare, he needed to be given some work to do. It threw me for a while and I found myself slowing down, until the one-sided conversation turned into a bit of a pep talk about yesterday’s getting into the rhythm and keeping it, and I got to about 2:30 pm having finished the route. A call to Dispatch resulted in me being assigned a rescue myself, so the 3 bags I had given up earlier became different 3 bags that I picked up later, and still finished about 4 pm. All in all, a pretty satisfying Sunday. I even got home in daylight!

Saturday 7: Today took me into a gated community called The Highlands. Lots of hug trees, as well as huge houses, some of them with stunning views over Puget Sound.

This was taken coming out of the Amazon station, heading back to the parking lot. It looks like the lights are generating their own fog.

Wednesday 11: I came across this lovely gesture on 25th Ave.

Thursday 12: Today again took me into some mountain goat territory. The approach to this house was a driveway that dropped off on the left side about 100 feet into a ravine. With no-one at home, I stepped over to the edge & looked down. As usual, the picture doesn’t do it justice until you look at someone else’s deck way down on the right.

Friday 13: As one of my colleagues put it, “The nightmare before Christmas”.

On some of the vans, the mechanism for holding the sliding door is broken. I was particularly impressed by this solution: Two regular plastic bags used to keep packages dry when necessary, tied together to form a loop. Simple and very effective!

Again in interesting terrain, in a different area. This time, taken from the customer’s house looking down at where the van was parked, with the freeway in the background. So glad I elected NOT to drive up here.

And another, where I DID drive up there, only to find that there was nowhere to turn around. Again, the pictures don’t do it justice. This is from the top of a very steep driveway.

Looking across at the “next” house. You can see the road below a bit better.

And the tyre tracks after reversing all the way down (and checking my trousers).

The colleague who rescued me earlier (took 3 full bags) called me for a rescue of a different kind (knowing that I was in the area) – asking whether I had any jumper cables. I replied that I could help, as I carry my own, meaning I carry a small jumper pack in my backpack. Imagine his surprise when I didn’t pull up along side his van, but instead pulled out a small black bag, unzipped it, hooked up the clamps to his battery, plugged the line into the jumper pack and told him to fire up his van. To his surprise and my relief, it started on the first go. Later on, he asked me to send him a picture of it.

Saturday 14: Today’s route took me into an area overlooking Puget Sound.

Sunday 15: Today, I was overlooking Lake Washington. I had just delivered something to this place and asked permission to take a picture.

Stairs! These are at the end of 135th St. I elected not to go down there, as my right knee, already heavily braced, might not have survived the return walk.

Tuesday 17: I have 3 days off this week, partly because our dear friends from BlazeAid, Gary and Colleen, are visiting tomorrow, and partly in preparation for having a 2-day break for Christmas Eve and Day, followed by New Years Eve and Day. I stumbled out and took this picture this morning.

We had a visit from April.

Wednesday 18: It’s our 16th wedding anniversary today. After I followed up on a suggestion from April, I gave this to Julie to celebrate the occasion. It’s a pendant from MoonGlow and shows the phase of the moon on the day that we were married.

We caught up with Gary and Colleen in Seattle after they got off the bus from Canada. First stop was Pike Place Market, where this caught my eye.

We did see a flying fish, but I wasn’t fast enough to capture it.

Next stop was the Space Needle.

Colleen and I teased each other. She can’t handle caves or go scuba diving, while I couldn’t handle standing on the rotating glass floor. I took this video by laying down on an opaque section and capturing it with the phone placed flat on the floor near me.

On the way down.

Friday 20: I captured this late in the working day.

Monday 23: Buddy being himself, keeping my work gear warm.

Wednesday 25: For the first time in quite a while, we had a real family Christmas with April and Duncan. One of the presents from April was a Sherpa blanket. Guess who claimed it.

We have since put it inside the cat motif quilt cover, to replace the quilt that was originally used in the campervan 34 years ago.

Sunday 29: Once again, I turned a corner to find a stunning view.

Monday 30: Julie brought this to my attention: The fires in Australia are way too close to where we used to live in Nowra, and even closer to where I worked at Nowra Airport.