November 2019

Friday 1: Again, I found myself today in some mountain goat territory, some of which took me to locations overlooking Puget Sound. This was the view from the car park of one of them.

Saturday 2: After some of the trekking around I did yesterday in the Shoreline area, finding my way back to this place to sit and have lunch was relatively easy.

A little later in the day, I stopped in a driveway looking at this. Most of the sound is coming from the road above and behind.

Sunday 3: And today, after we ran out of salads, lunch was a free burger, thanks to our phone account provider. This was to demonstrate to Julie that yes, I really did stop for it. And of course, I have removed most of the onions and pickles.

Following on from the series of pictures of the results of the sun hitting the prism in the dangly was Julie sending me this one, where it was illuminating one of our pictures. She said it looked better than the picture shows.

Tuesday 5: Today being a day off for me (I’m now working Wednesday through Sunday), it’s time for an update on Julie. Her walking continues to improve slowly, as she works to regain her strength and balance. She walks OK with her walker and is slowly developing her ability to walk using a cane. Around the apartment, she specialises in “wall crawling” and “furniture walking”. She tries to get outside every day for a walk, which is only possible because we are living on the ground floor.

Another variation on the prism illuminating the ferry.

Wednesday 5: I sent these pictures to Julie and April today, to demonstrate that I am finally getting a handle on the whole 30 minute lunch break thing. Given that we now have to punch in and out on the ADP app on our phones, as well as showing a 30 minute lunch break, I now make a deliberate effort to go “somewhere” so that I can get out of the van to sit and eat.

Thursday 6: Hmm. I need to grab the sewing machine from April and get my vest tidied up!

We have started a concerted effort to put aside all of the easily recycled items that we generate in the apartment, so that we can take a load to a recycling depot on one of my days off. We each have a bucket for used soft drink cans, which are regularly emptied into a garbage bag, and cardboard gets folded flat and stashed. Right next to that, there is a large box holding packaging paper. Buddy has once again claimed the box.

Wednesday 13: A collection of pictures from today’s delivery route in the North Seattle area leading down from the high ground to the water, between 145th St and 115th St. I heard recently that one of the drivers had been stuck and needed a tow, after finding himself too deep in wet mushy leaves. I can now attest to them being very slippery.

Thursday 14: On the way home from the parking lot tonight, I omitted to check on the traffic on the freeway before I committed to it. It took me twice as long to get home!

Friday 15: I had just turned off 75th St, which has busy traffic on it, when I noticed this little guy on the other side of the side street. He was a “man on a mission”, having just crossed 75th St, and was heading North. We think it’s a coyote.

This is a blow-up of the previous picture.

Saturday 16: On the way to work this morning, less than a mile from home, I stopped and snapped this picture of the sunrise, sandwiched between the mountains and the clouds.

I have visited this place several times, but today I had my phone on me because my work Android phone had died, so it was very easy to snap these 2 pictures. Not sure whether I’d want to be living in a house perched on the side of a ravine like that.

Sunday 17: Today was water to high country in Kirkland. These roads and driveways are just as steep as they look.

This view looks across Yarrow Point and Lake Washington, towards the Seattle city skyline. In the centre of the picture, you can just see the TV towers on Queen Anne Hill.

Monday 19: Buddy has been limping a bit lately, and has been asking for loving, so today I lifted him up onto my lap and continued to watch a TV episode on my laptop. Julie stumbled out of bed and took this. Still in my jammies with big jacket on to keep warm.

Big news today. Julie took several steps completely unassisted today, albeit with me right there for support if she needed it.

Later in the day, a combination picture of:

  • Our view.
  • The sunset.
  • The flag horizontal.

Saturday 23: Working in an area where I’ve been a few times before, I came over a hill and knew what to expect. It never gets old!

Sunday 24: One of the disadvantages of working the weekend is the narrow side streets where there is sometimes not enough room to park the van.

For the first time, I REALLY had nowhere to park, so simply planted the van in the middle of the street!

Sunday 24: Yeah, Christmas decorations. Seriously? It’s not even December yet. These are further down the street from home.

Thursday 28: Thanksgiving. We had a good day – just me, Julie, April and Duncan.

Duncan getting into food that he can eat without restrictions.

Friday 29: Back at work. This picture has the caption, “It never gets old.”

Later on, a bonus – the setting sun bouncing off Mt Rainier, and the Bellevue end of the floating bridge in the middle ground.

Meanwhile, April took Julie and Duncan to the Gingerbread House display at the Seattle Sheraton. Julie walked several city blocks. If you know anything of downtown Seattle, you will know that walking anywhere there involves some pretty steep hills. By the time she got home, she was both exhausted and delighted with her achievement.

The event was a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Saturday 30: Already, there are some pretty special Christmas decoration effects.