October 2019

Tuesday 1: April managed to come home with a new puppy. She’s a Chihuahua crossed with Shi-tzu or Maltese. Duncan followed on from the candy theme when he named her. After S for Snickers comes T for Twix. Here she is in April’s backpack on the way home.

Wednesday 2: More Halloween stuff.

Thursday 3: Another great view from the van. This whole area is listed with the City of Kirkland as a Horse Farm.

Staurday 4: In the areas to which I deliver, there are a LOT of cul-de-sac areas. Some of them have a small roundabout at the end, and I try to minimise my presence by tucking right up into it. Today, I nailed it properly.

Twix. also known as Twixy, being herself. She is actually REALLY tiny.

Friday 4: And she amuses herself too.

Duncan has Snickers as a new study buddy.

Sunday 6: Mike and I drove to Spokane to pick up Janet’s Kia Sedona van, which she had sold to us. We stopped at the Wild Horse Memorial, above the Columbia River.

Tuesday 8: The story behind this picture has been one of mystery and investigation. Julie took a similar one a few days ago of rainbow colours on the inside of our front door. The mystery was “where is it coming from?”. It was so bright to be in such a dark(ish) corner of the apartment. Today, it reappeared and I tracked it down to a crystal dangly behind the front door, with the sun coming in at just the right angle.

Wednesday 9: More Halloween stuff.

Thursday 10: I knew I was in for an interesting day when I had nearly 40 oversize packages, of which 20 were going to the same address. Since it was in the first delivery code, when I got to the point of not being able to find what I needed in the oversize area, I had to jump ahead to the location and deliver them, to make some space in the back of the van. Yep, that would be the chairs for the new training room.

Saturday 12: This flag intrigued me the first time I saw it, so today being the second time I was at the location, I took the opportunity to take a picture. Turns out it’s a tribute to Firefighters, especially those we have lost along the way, which was appropriate since I had the flag at half staff earlier in the week for exactly that reason. This design also comes with a blue stripe for the Police. I even did the right thing and unfurled it where it had become tangled.

Monday 14: I’ve had this map of North Seattle for quite a while and recently put it up on the door in the apartment that hides the washing machine and dryer. Today, I decided to take a picture of it and mark some typical routes. Wow, I really do get around.

This was taken by one of my colleagues as she was stuck in the traffic jam surrounding a gas leak in the area just North of the University of Washington.

Wednesday 16: I snapped this in passing today. Kinda glad I wasn’t in the area when all that was happening. There was another (smaller) pile behind the bushes. That’s a LOT of firewood!

Thursday 17: I have known about the Wedgwood Rock for a few years, ever since Richard told me about it. It was transported more than 50 miles by a glacier about 14,000 years ago. It seemed like a good place to stop for lunch.

And then I ended up driving past it several times that afternoon!

Wednesday 23: More Halloween. This poor bugger had his other foot plus hands and bits of guts on the fence where I was standing.

Friday 25: I came across this package while I was loading. ALL of the barcodes have been destroyed, and I restuck the address label so that I would have it there later. Given that there was no barcode to scan, I left it unscanned and included it in the load, figuring that I would be able to manually type in the TBA code when I got to the address.

And that was exactly how it played out. When I finally got to the address, I wrote out the TBA code from the app and fed that back into the app as a manual entry. Bingo! It has now “scanned” and can be delivered!

I took the rubbish out tonight. I has been raining lightly and this was next to the dumpster, still looking OK, despite being wet. Hauled it inside and we decided to keep it. It replaced the cat climbing thingy that Buddy has never used!

Saturday 26: Ah, the things I see as I travel around.

Too nice a day to not stop for a moment and enjoy the view. It’s purely coincidental that the van is perfectly parked, right down to the front wheels being angled out.

Tuesday 29: I have had “issues” with delivering to this place for a while now. 32nd Ave on the left, 34th Ave on the right. The apartments inside the red box are accessed from the street to the North. Easy enough to drive down between the garages and there is somewhere at the split point at the top of that square where I can usually park the van, right near where the gardeners and posties park. If the addresses had been listed as 33rd Ave, the problem probably wouldn’t exist, but they are listed as 32nd and 34th, and the building numbers are inter-mingled with the numbers of the apartments on the outside streets.

Now here’s the catch. Some of them are combined with apartments or houses those two streets as discrete locations in the same stop. Now this can be quite handy when houses are adjacent or directly opposite on the same street, but here it becomes a pain to have to walk into or out of the inner complex to get to a location that is currently built into the same stop. But Amazon don’t seem to be able to make any changes to those stops if they are not an active delivery point. Solution (maybe, if it works) is to call it in EVERY time I have a delivery to ANY of the inner addresses and ask that the navigation point for that address be changed to the split point on the driveway. At some point in time (hopefully), I will cover all of them and (again, hopefully) get them separated enough from the ones on the outside that I can then amalgamate all of them into one stop. Yes, all 18 of the inner apartments! Sometimes, you just have to work the system!

Thursday 31: Halloween is finally here. I made a delivery to this house and asked permission to take a picture.