July 2019

Wednesday 3: I figured Julie would enjoy this, from her time Germany all those years ago. The van is in the background, and I was standing in between garden beds on the footpath.

And speaking of Julie, not quite the right spelling, but close enough.

Thursday 4: We celebrated Independence Day with April at our place. We hung Dad’s WW2 flag from the balcony and fired up the grill (that’s a barbecue). No pictures!

Saturday 6: It’s official: there are arseholes living among us. April had taken a different route home on Friday, so that she and Duncan could do some shopping on the way home, and had left her bike in the locker at the Park & Ride. I went to there to collect the bike, to find the handle at a strange angle, instead of being horizontal.

Someone had left the lock alone, but had targeted the weakest point, cutting the flange where the lock is inserted. Needless to say, the bike was long gone.

Thursday 11: Life goes on. Work for 4 very long days, Wednesday through Saturday, and get 3 days off. Today’s route took me down to the water a few times.

At one house, I just couldn’t resist whipping out my phone and taking a picture from the front door, where I had just made the delivery. Click and keep walking.

This one felt much more dramatic. The private road has a scary downhill grade and at this point takes a hard left. It looks and feels like you’re about to go over the edge and land on the house below. Turning around at the bottom and getting out of there again is definitely “interesting”. Can’t just take it easy because any variation on the throttle is likely to cause the driving wheels to spin, so it’s a case of “gun it and keep going (and hope there’s no-one coming down)”.

A quick look back on last month. I walked over 160 miles. I walk about 10 miles every work day.

Wednesday 17: The first day back after Prime Days. At one point, I delivered 9 packages to one customer.

Again, I get into some interesting places. The house for this delivery was right down the end of this lane.

That’s not a pond on the right, it’s a real live creek.

Thursday 18: Julie sent me a picture of Buddy sharing a chair with Megan, her PT Coach.

I sent this in response. Fortunately, I only had to climb 2 of the 5 flights.

I’m getting a little more savvy in this job. This delivery had 2 different entries in the list of stops. Knowing how hard it is to get into the building, I gathered up all of the packages for that address, took them all in, and proceeded to make the second delivery right after the first one. Even stacked them in order of apartment number, This is the mail room for the apartments.

A different location, but still in the same area, the leasing office for 3 apartment blocks. The receptionist I spoke to was blown away by how far I walk each day. One of many dolly loads into their office.

Meanwhile, the issue with my lower back being an inflammation in L4/L5, I figured I could alleviate at least some of that with over the counter pills like Advil. So far so good on that one, although today the effect didn’t quite last all day and I was once again limping when I finished the day.

Friday 19: The day started out with just a few deliveries under my belt, and a call from Julie that her brother-in-law Steve had died at home, after a battle with cancer. Although we had been expected the news at any time, it still comes as a shock. Farewell, Steve. You were always a true gentleman.

Later on, I had just pulled up in the van and saw what looked like a rabbit going around in circles as if it was trying to get comfortable, or maybe trying to become invisible. I sat there and took several pictures straight out through the passenger side window. This was the best one. When it finally got up and left, I could more clearly that its hind legs were much larger in proportion, so I figured it was a young hare.

Wednesday 24: Today, Buddy decided that he was going the keep the Teak Buddha company. I’m not sure I want to know how he got in there!

Wednesday 24: News from Dorothy. Pete’s Girls gathered to scatter his ashes at Cape Hillsborough.

Thursday 25: On several occasions now, I have delivered packages to Ronald McDonald House. Today, I decided that it was time to get a picture of us together.

Wednesday 28: A few weeks ago, April needed to have a phone so that she could be contacted by her Corrections Officer, as one of the conditions of her being able to move into her own apartment. The end result was that she got my iPhone 8 and I upgraded to an iPhone XR. Because it apparently has a much better camera, I did some experimenting on how well it would focus on something close up.

It did, but it managed to focus on the stick rather than the flower.