February 2019

Saturday 2: I had a day out with April and Duncan today.

Sunday 3: This never gets old.

Buddy wasn’t so sure about this “stuff”.

It’s official.

Monday 4: We woke to about 8″ (20 cm) of snow.

Julie’s car is fully “under cover”.

I put mine sort of under cover. Didn’t make any difference!

This hummingbird kept trying. Even if he could get to the food, it’s frozen.

The chunk missing is where a lump has dropped off the roof above.

Not surprising that the hospital called to say that the gym was closed today, but I went out anyway. This was the mess from just trying to get enough off the car to be able to drive it.

After I got back, and backed it in to where it normally is, I was surprised to see how much the original snow had banked up on the INSIDE of the rear wheel.

Tuesday 5: I needed to get out and walk again. It looks nice in the morning sunlight (until it goes slushy and/or icy).

Aha. Someone walked out of there and went to work.

There’s a twist on the statue of the boy watching the dancing girls.

The dog is watching something else.

This little guy.

Wednesday 6: I still haven’t managed to get to Rehab Exercise because of the snow disruptions, so I acquired a snow shovel from the building mamager and got my exercise by attacking the snow on the pathways. Those 2 bits were ice which had adhered a little too strongly to the pebbles.

Thursday 7: The 2-stage entry to the apartment, doormat for the “ugh” stuff, and transfer towel for removing boots and moving from wet to dry. No, that’s not snow on it, just bleach marks. And then there’s the Guard Cat.

Looks like a water runoff, right? Wrong! With the temperatures still sub-freezing, it’s VERY slippery ice.

Friday 8: Unfortunately, the maintenance guy came by and took away the shovel and the bag of de-icer, saying that they were needed elsewhere. (He also muttered under his breath something about liability issues.)

At the Rehab Exercise session, I did 2 lots of 3 minutes at 3 mph! Still  walking.

And right on cue, here it comes again.

One news report is saying that this weekend will be the biggest snowfall since 1996, when Julie and April were living in Lynnwood and couldn’t leave their house.

Saturday 9: It snowed overnight, but not that bad, yet. I took April and Duncan to Forest Lake Park.

Sunday 10: Sub freezing outside. I’ve been sitting in the warmth, processing “driving in the snow” videos. There is no audio on these.

Taking April out to go shopping.

A brake check before we hit the main roads.

Top end of Wetmore Ave.

And home again.

Taking April home. Narrow streets in Beacon Hill.

Hmm. It seems my taste buds are changing. I took this picture of our kitchen bench and the inside of the fridge, to show to Annie, who conducts the CHIP classes.

This is an indication of the stupid people we live with. Clearly the rubbish has not been collected lately, and with more snow in the forecast, it’s not likely to be any time soon. Wouldn’t it make much more sense to simply leave your rubbish in your apartment?

As it transpired, it was collected that day. I happened to be standing on our balcony when I saw the truck go past on the side street, so I went downstairs for a chat. Mentioned my favourite “Ya can’t fix stupid”, and then went back upstairs to grab our 2 bags of rubbish.

Monday 11: Buddy is amazing. Julie was not feeling well and I found him on the bed, purring loudly and boofing her. By the time I got my phone for a picture, he was licking her hand.

We have never seen this much snow. I’ve been clearing it from the front path each day, but it’s not until you see it somewhere where the snow has accumulated, that you see the total.

The view from our webcam. I had previously pushed all the snow off the balcony rail, so what you see here is just from last night.

Wednesday 13: I finally made it back to the Rehab Exercise program! Good solid workout, including 25 minutes on the treadmill, with some of it at 3 mph, still walking. Looking forward to next week, when I can run.

Coming home. The traffic lane on the major roads is now clear, but in the side streets like ours, it’s still really sloppy. Entering the driveway, I had a brief moment of “failure to proceed”, so took another go.

The view from our balcony in the afternoon sun, with the snow melting off the roofs in varying stages.

Friday 15: At the Rehab Exercise session, I did 2 lots of 3 minutes at 3.2 mph, still walking. They won’t be open on Monday because of President’s Day, where as someone recently posted somewhere, “when we celebrate 44 of the 45 Presidents, past and preset.” By Wednesday, it will be exactly 2 months from my surgery, so I can upgrade to jogging on the treadmill. Yay!

Saturday 16: About a week ago, Simon offered to buy me a watch that would be able to take my blood pressure. After some research, he ordered one for me, to be delivered to an Amazon Locker near our home, which I picked up today while out and about with April and Duncan. It’s rather large, but surprisingly it doesn’t feel bulky.

After finally figuring out how to pair it with my phone, I set it to take my BP every hour, which it just did! Wow, I must be relaxed.

Sunday 17: The watch is comfortable enough to wear all day, even on my “damaged” arm, so of course I was wearing it when I went over to the Funeral Home to restart my weekend activities there. The young female recruit had been lumped with the job of remaking the removal packs and of course the Removal Pack Maestro hadn’t been there to instruct her on the easiest and most efficient way to do that. Between us, we fixed that.

Then I went for a walk, as planned. I set the phone to tell the watch that I would be walking, and off I went, walking and then breaking into a jog. Hmm, wrong! Everything inside is bouncing up and down – not good! OK then, lets alternate the walking with a short sprint. Yep, that works, I get the heavy exercise without the potential damage. All up, I covered 0.6 miles in a little under 8 minutes, and the phone app was telling me that that my speed was 13 minutes per mile, which converts to an average speed of a little over 4 mph (around 6 kph). Given that I was doing quite a bit of walking between the 20 yard sprints, that suggests that I was actually sprinting at about 8 to 10 mph (13 to 16 kph). Woo hoo, the old guy can still run!

Monday 18: No rehab today because of the Presidents Day holiday, so I went on a fast walk to the post box, using the watch to record the activity.

It gave me an average of 12.45 minutes per mile. 60/12.45 = 4.8 mph! A far cry from the 3.2 mph on the treadmill, (if the measurement is accurate).

Tuesday 19: Today’s test was a single sprint. I had to program it as a walk on the phone, because the “run” program doesn’t seem to recognise such a short distance.

6.22 minutes per mile. 60/6.22 = 9.6 mph!

Wednesday 20: Today’s rehab session in the gym was a lot tougher, working up to 5 minutes at 3.3 mph on a 5% uphill grade.

Friday 22: I have a fellow sufferer, Dennis, whose surgery was on the same day as mine, so we can compare notes on our progress. Today, we both finally got to go jogging on the treadmill, for three 1 minute bursts at 5 mph. My legs hurt! 

Nothing stands still in the Fiddaman world. I got a message today from my boss that we are moving out of the work space in Lake City, to a company owned property in Auburn. That’s WAY south of Seattle, so when I get back to work on March 11, I’m going to be spending a lot more time on the road. The map shows home at the top, the current workshop in the middle and the new location at the bottom.

Sunday 24: We celebrated my birthday at Red Lobster. Duncan shared his Most Valuable Player badge from the weekend tournament.

And the inevitable singing.

Wow, my taste bud really are changing. I had the Caesar Salad with prawns.

Monday 25: The treadmill part of the Rehab session included 5 sets of 1 minute, jogging at 5 mph. Again, my legs hate me!

Tuesday 26: For my actual birthday, I drove in to the workshop to find that my colleagues were not there as expected, but I did manage to catch up with my wonderful friend Richard, and also to formally submit the “notice to vacate” to the building manager.

Back at home, this purring cat was about the best present I could have asked for, after he decided to accompany Julie for her nap.

Wednesday 27: For the gym session today, Dennis and I ended up “in back”, where there are other pieces of equipment to play with, followed by the same tough session on the treadmill.

Thursday 28: With not much else to do, I went for a nice long walk, west towards the water, covering a lot of the territory I covered with April and Duncan. Another great view of the Navy Base and the headland beyond.

Came across some new growth on the trees, a totally different colour from the previous growth.

And here’s the route, which I actually remembered to capture this time.