October 2018

With hummingbirds around, we bought a feeder and filled it with the correct mix of just sugar and water.

Julie has seen them a few times, but they don’t stay yet.

Yay! I finally caught up with one.

Update: We are now seeing them on a daily basis.

I took this picture from level 15 of a job, looking down on most of the surrounding buildings, and up at those with their tops in the fog.

This is a thing Simon and I picked up from the Boeing Tour, which says on it that it is “The Owl”. Here’s one side of the original page. Again, if you click on it, you’ll get the bigger picture where you can see the numbers.

It took me AGES to figure out that the numbers were a sequence of folds and the arrows showed where to make the fold. It looks kinda like an owl!

An early morning run across the lake towards Bellevue.

With another company name change comes new decals for the job boxes.

No, it’s not actually glowing, it’s just the camera in the phone creating that effect.

Returning from a job site down South with my eye on using the Express Lanes. They opened when I was only a few hundred yards from the entrance. Yay, empty lanes!

The following day, I had to drive down to Vancouver. I’ve driven past this numerous times, and this time, decided to go round the block and capture it.

We are now seeing hummingbirds several times a day. This video was taken through the screen door!


Here we have a pair of pictures demonstrating what my half ton truck looks like with nearly a full ton on it. As the load was coming down on the crane, the operator told the rigger that he had 2,000 pounds on the hooks. A ton, for those who speak metric, is 2,240 pounds. Out on the freeway, I stuck to the slow lane with my 4-way flashers on!

We have been working on a new standard build for our stressing equipment, where the pump can be separated from the jack. The main criteria were:

  • Does the pump or the jack have the hoses permanently attached? Answer: The jack.
  • There must be a Tee Piece in the pressure side to enable the release of pressure when all else fails.
  • There must be a minimum of extra fittings in the build.

The end result was this, where the hoses are plumbed directly to the jack, the Quick Connects are plumbed directly to the pump valve, and the Tee Piece is easily accessible.