July 2018

The balcony garden continues to flourish, mostly. I had to replace the capsicum. The tomato continues to tower over the parsley and strawberry. It’s now about 5 feet tall.

If Julie thought my hands were dirty after working with grease and oil, imagine what she’d say to these! Not as bad as it looks though. It’s just from working with aluminium.

I’m kinda remotely training another guy in the fabrication shop in Vancouver about what I do and how I do it. I needed to get through to him that I don’t have access to a forklift; I do EVERYTHING by hand, which is why I need to have materials packed in the smaller bags! I’ve now got the strap process working properly though.

This picture is of the wall opposite our front door, right below the cuckoo clock, where the sun shining in through the peep hole forms a rainbow.

An on-the-job repair.  I had just finished Dead Ending a cable.

Prior to that, the guys had cut the cable where it came out of an intermediate stressing point, where it had broken 2 strands inside the existing deck. Nothing we could do except tidy up the end, because attempting to tension it further would break the whole cable. This was the bit they cut out.

This was the situation as I left it.  The damaged piece covered with a grease filled sleeve and taped, and the other end with its new Dead End ready to place.

After realising that I sometime generate sparks around wooden furniture, I finally got around to buying a fire extinguisher for the workshop. When I fist hung it up, it was getting banged by the top of the pallet stacker, so I moved it up until it JUST clears.

Sad news this week. On Saturday 14th, Angel was playing happily with Buddy. The following day, she was permanently in “lights are out” mode. This condition has been normal for her for short periods of time on a daily basis, but this was different. We monitored her for a few days and she did not improve. On Tuesday, we took her to the vet, and he since could not give us any assurances without expensive tests and treatment, we made the difficult decision. I held her while he gave her a sedative (more like an anaesthetic) and she went into a deep sleep, cradled in my arms on a blanket on the table. It was when the vet returned for the second injection that we left. Her tribute page is here.

I have also loaded a link to Kelly’s tribute page, which is here.

Update on the garden. That capsicum died too. I’m giving up on those in this box.

I worked a concert at the stadium. Quite a rarity actually, a show on a week night, paid for by Amazon for their staff to celebrate the success of Prime Day. For my break, I went for my usual walk to the upper bowl concourse to check out the view.

While up there, I walked around to the Fan Deck. Apparently, a lot of people didn’t attend when they found out that they would have to pay for their own food! Consequently, it was a cake walk. With no allocated seating, we didn’t have to seat people, and all we had to do was to keep the walkways clear. This was taken during a break in the performances.

Back in the workshop, this was a full bench job, to change the base gasket. Remove the power enclosure with its cords attached, remove the valve with its hoses attached, then remove the motor and pump from the base. Pretty scary seeing all that hydraulic oil sitting there. Its almost enough to give me nightmares about how much mess about 3 gallons of oil would make!

While I frequently whinge about the condition of the equipment when it is returned, this one wasn’t damaged, but it just takes the cake in the “WTF!” category. The cord is wrapped and looped around the handle, but it’s still hanging down where it can get damaged!

The tomato plant on the balcony continues to climb!