June 2018

With the local Seattle Jets field hockey club putting on a social tournament in mid August, as my contribution, I am making 2 sets of goals out of aluminium tubing, which can be disassembled for transport and storage. This is the sample of the top left front corner. The one marked with yellow writing is the crossbar, the other square tube is the upright, and the smaller one is the side bar. You have to rotate it in 3-D to get the idea! The bolts on the crossbar are part of the join of 2 6ft lengths into a single 12ft length, bolted to a piece of angle on the inside.

We’ve been doing some more unpacking recently.

Progress on the Grow Box.

This was a load of cables I had to load by hand and take to a job site. Estimated total weight is about 1500 pounds, that’s a little over 700 Kg. The truck is rated for half a ton, so it was definitely down in the gunwhales, and certainly felt “heavy”. Here’s the load just before departure.

Half way there, I had to stop and tighten the straps. Here’s the same load on arrival.

This picture was taken at a job site that said they would need the Short Cable Jack, which can easily pull a tail of just 3 inches. I stayed onsite until they got to this area, only to find that they managed to pull the shortest one! I now know that with a Short Nose Piece on the jack, they can pull a tail of 9 inches.  Good to know!

This interesting artifact was found on the inside of a portable toilet on a job site. The original reads, “THIS RENTAL INCLUDES COMPLETE SERVICING. IF THIS UNIT NEEDS ADDITIONAL SERVICE, PLEASE CALL THE NUMBER ON THE OUTSIDE OF THIS UNIT.”

We have been asked to supply pictures for the company calendar, so I have been visiting previous jobs that have since been completed. This one is my favourite so far.

Progress on the balcony garden! The strawberry is now producing ripe fruit, the parsley has settled down to being itself, the capsicum has fruit, and the tomato has the beginnings of fruit.

After MONTHS of planning, errors, construction, errors, frustration, errors (you get the picture), the first Field Hockey goal was assembled in all its glory at practice. When the first hit on one of the boards made a resounding wooden BANG, there was a major celebration on the field, especially from me!  Only 3 more to go, although the rest will be SO much easier, because I now have a template to work from. While it looks good and performed well, for me it was a disaster, because of the time it took to assemble and the number of nuts that fell out in the process!

Update: The committee for the Social Tournament have decided to go with cheaper, less complicated and much less impressive practice goals, so now I only have to make 2 instead of 4. That takes the pressure off!