May 2018

At least on this job, the supervisor told me that equipment was damaged when I collected the box. You can see the remains of the hose fitting still in the “Easy Out”.

This one was an interesting piece of repair work on a job site. A backhoe operator had flipped a bundle of cable over and had damaged one of them. On inspection, I could see that the cable itself hadn’t been damaged, just the sheath. The solution: Roll out the cable to its full length on a clean piece of deck, then one by one, remove the pieces of damaged sheath and pull the remainder of the sheath down the cable.

Ugh, say no more!

The parsley in the Grow Box is growing from last year’s plant, so I am using it to decorate my mini pizzas.

A rare sight in the workshop: an empty Sets Rack, although it’s becoming less rare as we become short of equipment.

And while on the subject of the Grow Box, here’s this year’s crop. The parsley and strawberry are still there from last year. You can see the parsley zooming up already.

I was called out to a building to which we previously supplied a LOT of cables, to have a look at 2 cables that had “popped”. You can see from one of the pictures I took that is has popped out just enough to break the end off the grease cap, and of course, push the grout completely out.  I have since been advised that this is often all you see when a cable has been damaged, mostly held in place by friction. It’s going to be a very ugly, and expensive, repair job.

To kinda show off a little bit, I created a printed version of the history of all of our stressing sets from that time I started in the job, and then pinned it to the back wall of the workshop. The picture below links to the original pdf file that I used to print it.

What stands out is all of the yellow, early on, which indicates sets being in the repair shop, lots of them. In that period also are 2 orange lines spanning across 4 months, where 2 sets were missing for that whole time. Later on, around the middle, there is a lot of orange, where I was servicing every set and bringing them up to a common standard. Towards the end, there is a lot of red and dark purple, indicating sets in use in the Seattle and Portland areas. Click on the image to see the full version. On most browsers, you can use “Crtl +” to zoom in.

I’ll keep that full version updated as time goes on.

To go with the empty Sets Rack, I now have a very full Cable Rack.

At the bottom, you can see a heap of aluminium tubing that will soon become hockey goals.

Julie went with me to the Field Hockey tournament in Canada over the Victoria Day long weekend. I had deliberately taken the gym bag that had been given to me by the company. It was only the day after we arrived that I realised that I had left by stick bag at home, so I had to buy a new stick.

Our team consisted of guys from the Seattle Jets teamed up with a bunch of much younger girls that one of the guys has coached in the past, so they were pretty good. Our competition was the Mixed Division with 2 pools. We did not lose a game in our pool, although we drew 2 of them. In one game, I was in the scoring circle, the ball was getting way from us, so I did a diving lunge with a backwards flick to a girl behind me, who just tapped it in. In another game, the ball got belted straight down the middle, and I was seen to be sprinting after it, with a short little opposition player getting in my way, because I was rapidly overtaking her. God help me, if I wasn’t such a gentleman, I would have pushed her out of the way! The old guy can still run when he really needs to. When I mentioned it at practice the following week, I got, “Oh yeah, we saw that alright.”

We came second in the pool, and played a team from the other pool for 4th place in the Division on the Monday. Of course, the girls, being locals, knew most of the opposition players. We had even more girls available, so the starting line-up (for both halves) was me at Centre Forward, the Goalie, and the rest was the girls. “OK, ladies, let’s do this!” We drew that game too, and both teams decided that we’d be happy with equal fourth. It’s now nearly 2 full weeks later and my legs still haven’t recovered. It didn’t help that I came home with a pulled a ligament in my groin, and then pulled the main muscle in the opposite thigh at practice last week.

(Still in Canada), in the search for good food, we stumbled across Bon’s off Broadway. I figured out on our second visit there, that Broadway is the main street just around the nearest corner, so it’s not ON Broadway, it’s OFF Broadway!

This guy showed me his electric scooter, before he jumped on and rode away.

Back in Seattle, my first event after returning to the staff of CenturyLink Field was a Taylor Swift concert, on the day after we got back.  I got a whole 4 hours sleep that night!

At the funeral home, management finally found someone who could reliably trim the tree without making a mess of it, which they did. One of the things I do there is to either advise the directors to lower the flag to half staff as necessary, or do it myself if it’s after hours, and return it to full staff when the half staff period is over.  With the tree finally trimmed, it’s do-able. This effort was for Memorial Day.

I was surprised to find that here in the US, “Half Staff” is where the flag is actually half way down the pole, compared with the Australian “Half Mast”, where it it one flag width down the pole from the top.