April 2018

After a battle to get it done in time before the Oregon registration expired, the truck now sports shiny brand new Washington plates.

Combined with a Residential Parking Permit, for those days when I have the day off but it’s not a public holiday, and I won’t have to move the truck every 2 hours.

Buddy with the softball I pulled out of the river at Grants Pass. While this picture was staged, he does play with it sometimes.

This arrived back in the workshop. So much for the “You are not authorised to perform repairs” instruction. Those hoses definitely did not go out twisted like that.

“Ah, there’s something wrong with the gauge.”  Well, yeah, someone dropped something on it. And then put the front face on backwards!

My patent method of holding something down when I need to apply some torque to it.

Sigh! More damage.

Some colleagues asked for some help to relieve the pressure inside a jack. With the solution being outside my comfort (and skill) zone, I took it to John at Universal Repair.

Here’s the end result, showing just how much pressure was in there.

I’m going back to work part time at CenturyLink Field! I snapped this picture from the area where the inductions are held. It looks funny when it’s empty.

With a hockey tournament coming up in August in Seattle, I said that my contribution would be to build 2 pairs of goals. It will happen with a lot of help from my work neighbour Richard, who produced this sample of the join between the 2 6ft spans that will be joined to make the 12ft crossbar.

The PEM Nuts are pressed into the inner angle and the holes are drilled with a drill press to match perfectly.

With Julie finding it harder to walk properly, I bought her a walking frame. It arrived with a broken wheel.

The box had taken a serious blow!

I was on a job site when one of the guys showed me an anchor. OK, looks like an anchor. “Look down into the sleeve”, he said. “Oh, there’s only one wedge in there!” It took quite a bit of camera work on the phone to capture this picture.