December 2017

In a variation on the theme from a few months ago, this is how you drag a bag of anchors weighing close to 1/4 ton off the truck and into the mini-depot. Bag handles onto the forks of the pallet stacker, strap around them to keep them on, lift it all as high as it will go, and PUSH!

Pretty tough competition for ornaments in our place.

Wondering what the hold-up was, but moving along with the traffic. Ouch! Not sure how that happened, but it certainly made a mess of the truck.

Christmas morning!

Not sure if it qualifies officially as a White Christmas, but good enough for me.

Not specifically a heart shape (although it is), just the heat signature from the dash cam. After 4 days of that, plus the cold, and the battery was completely dead on Wednesday morning. Just as well I signed up with AAA last year!

Some people go all out with their decorations.