October 2017

I’m not sure now why I was called out to this job on the weekend, most likely to supply them with additional parts. Apparently, someone had read the plans wrong, the carpenters had placed the shoring (which defines the end of the slab once the concrete has been poured) about 18 inches too short, and the ironworkers had laid out the cables to match, as they would usually do.

At this point, the carpenters had moved the shoring into the correct location, and it was now up to the ironworkers to move the ends of the cable into the correct position.

This is what happens when someone drops something REALLY heavy onto a jack. The T-piece had been badly bent, and the hose that was attached to it had been snapped off!

Breakfast while you work.

Mike asked me to take Duncan to a game in Tacoma, and take some videos, so that he can see how Duncan is performing. This was the most dramatic one that I captured. He’s number 20.