August 2017

Again, this bag of anchors was way too heavy to handle on my own. Get the forks of the pallet stacker in place, drag the bag over them, and strap it on.

My balcony garden – tomato, parsley, strawberry, and at the other end, capsicum.

Couldn’t resist capturing this in the car park at Julie’s work.

Our “cat-tus” on the balcony.

Again there’s half a ton of steel in there, but this time it was loaded by hand!

This load plus another in the same week (also loaded by hand), left my cable rack almost empty.

The solar eclipse in full swing.

I also directed the mirror at the building across the road for a better image.

On the outside of the building, every sunlight pinpoint from the tree shadow had an image of the eclipse.

The view from a job site at Point Ruston, in the Tacoma area.

Duncan’s birthday, which we celebrated with a game of modified monopoly.

Duncan looking very pleased with his cake.