January 2017

New Year, new things to do.

I’ve started playing hockey again, after 45 years!

I was playing in goal to limit the amount of running I did, and someone pegged a ball at me, catching me right on the big toe. Here’s the bruise starting to come out.

The previous view, a few more levels up.

After the hairy trip in the snow last, I noticed this mess on the road down the side of the Columbia River, where I had been just a few weeks earlier.

I took this picture to show that I was wearing 6 layers. Can’t see all of them, but they’re there!

The customer said one set was pulling too much, another not enough, without stating which was which. Well, I know what’s wrong with this one. That frame should be rectangular.

And those arms should be parallel. Someone has really bashed this piece.

“I claim this toilet paper wrapper in the name of the Cats of the World!”

A rare view of the stressing sets rack empty, except for the specialised Short Cable Jack set.