December 2016

I have been playing this game at the “super easy” level for AGES.

The first snow for the season.

I started a project to show the process of tensioning cables.

It’s getting cold. This is solid ice in a car park.

Project coming along. Concrete poured.

Heavy (for Seattle) snow fall …..

Across the road from work.

The local kids have been having fun.

Angel wondering what the fuss is about.

Beware the YELLOW SNOW!

Part of the view from the balcony.

We received a delivery of frozen food, complete with dry ice for packing. I had fun!

A bit of excitement at work.

I had to scramble a trip to Boise ID, to replace stressing equipment out there. This was my first rest stop, up into the mountains on the I-90.

This was the hairiest trip I have EVER undertaken, and I still can’t believe I survived. Hooking along a snow covered freeway at 70 mph, I found out that the right (slow) lane gets most of the traffic, which wears off the snow layer, leaving it exposed to ice formation. Several times, I suddenly found myself in the left lane! I eventually figured out that it was easier to STAY in the left (fast) lane.

These videos are also on the Dash Cam Videos, 2016 page.

For my overnight stop:

And after all that, I had to divert via Portland and got stuck there because the snow had all traffic down to a crawl.

This was the only slip I managed to capture, which was relatively minor, but actually much more dangerous because there was other traffic around. You can see it right at the end of the clip.

Back home again, and still snowing.

These lovely people were walking their cat. The things we see from our balcony.

The demo board is now complete.

Yes, that’s a pair of squirrels on the wall!

This never gets old, for me at least.

I got a cat!

The view from level 33 of the same job site building, now well on the way to level 40.