November 2016

November was a busy family month for me.

First I went back to Australia for the funeral of Pete, Dorothy’s husband. It was a great opportunity to spend time with my sister Dorothy, brother Kevin and son Paul.

At the end of the formal service, we were all invited to surround Pete one final time, to decorate his “plain white casket”.

Dorothy’s back yard in Brisbane.

From Dorothy to Pete.

From their daughters to Pete.

Arriving back into LA to heavy ground fog, and lots of holding pattern.

And back to work. Oooh. Is this double work unit available? Mine! Please!

On the basis of, “If you aren’t in line, then you will definitely miss out”, I ignored my boss, wrote a personal cheque (that’s a check here) and submitted my application.

Got it! In the existing unit, planning for another move. Yep, the pallet stacker can lift that high.

Using a mapping process I learned from someone in Defence. Squares of paper, cut to scale, laid out on a sheet of paper at the same scale. The end result was pretty close to this.

Building even more storage furniture and setting up.

I got a sticker for the truck!

Then my older son Simon came to the West Coast on a work trip. As he was only here for part of the weekend, we packed in as much as we could, starting with the Underground Tour.

The roads were built up to create a new ground level.

Down near the original docks.

A close up, showing something being propelled into the air. Quite likely someone being blown off his toilet by the built up pressure in the sewer line!

The next day, we hung around the Fremont area. Here we are enjoying a few craft beers and spending some time together. I put him on the train to the airport and headed home.

Meanwhile, Buddy has been rearranging the Seattle Downtown map.

Just across the street from work, a burger truck. Nice burgers! I only ever saw it there once, but they are always in 1st Avenue outside the stadium for Seahawks games.