September 2016

At the Washington State Fair.

Apparently these folks are about to go flying.

Mike and Julie deep in conversation, while Duncan looks bored.

The view from level 14 of a customer job site in downtown. This is the one that is going to Level 40.

Buddy with a ray of sunshine on his chest.

We had visit from traveling Aussie friends Allan and Kate, who needed a lift to the dock for their Alaskan cruise. As it happened, their motorhome broke down on the way to Seattle, so they caught a bus from Olympia and I picked them up from their hotel in downtown. At the other end of the cruise, I picked them up from the dock, we checked out the Fremont Troll, the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat and the Underground Tour, before I dropped them back in Olympia.

Toilets form an integral part of the Seattle story.

We’re standing in the original ground floor of this building, which is now the basement.

Here we’re looking up at the glass blocks in the footpath above. Oops, that’s a sidewalk.

Stressing equipment. These are the things I supply to construction sites, for them use in stressing (tensioning) the Post Tension cables in their concrete slabs. It adds a huge amount of strength to the slab, allowing it to span larger distances.

The underside of the jack, showing the wedge pusher inside the nose piece, and the grippers.

A simulation of the cable coming through the anchor, buried inside the slab. The anchor has a pair of wedges inside it, and the nose piece is butted in there, ready to pull. The grippers are pulled forward, ready to grip when the jack pistons start moving outwards.

Calibrating the set. The piece of test cable, showing the wedges firmly wedged into a barrel anchor.

The “calibration station” set up, with the jack ready to pull against the anchor, with the load cell in between. The digital display and the gauge both showing zero, and the pad ready to record readings of tension on the cable vs pressure reading on the gauge.

The display showing the cable at a tension of 33 Kips (33,000 pounds), and the gauge showing whatever it does on this particular set. You can’t see it, but there is a series of readings in the squares on the pad.

And all this is done in the comfort and convenience of my own little Home Base! It’s in the ActivSpace building in Lake City, very handy to downtown.

Looking in from the door and desk.

Looking out from the rear.