May 2016

I thought Simon might enjoy this fence banner at one of my job sites.

BIG NEWS this month. The company have changed their policy on temp-to-hire situations, meaning that the 3 months I worked there as a temp became my 90 day probation period, I am now becoming a permanent employee, and I am now eligible to join the medical insurance scheme. Since we have been paying for our own insurance for all of this year, this is a really big deal. Julie, of course, is covered by the VA, although I will have to buy dental insurance for her through the company’s plan.

The movie is one of the jacks in action. The jack is positioned on the cable, the operator then switches the pump to “A”, which extends the cable. When it reaches the limit of the jack, or it reaches the desired pressure, he switches it to “B”, which releases the pressure, jams the wedges into their socket, and pulls the jack pistons back in. Yes, it IS hard work. That thing weighs about 40lb, that’s 20Kg. Be warned, this video is LOUD, with the pump sitting right next to the phone.

I was talking to the crew supervisor at another site recently, and he told me that each worker is expected to move about half a ton of materials per hour. Glad I don’t have that job!

Aha! So that’s where he sleeps during the day.

Note the grass growing in the door of this car, which hasn’t moved in the months that we have lived here.

Back in the storage unit again. The wooden tray has been recycled from the funeral home at their request. It has straps that were probably used to restrain a body on the tray during transport. These straps have been used to anchor one of the coiled cables to prevent them slipping. This was the early trial of the idea. Seems to work!

The tray was then filled and everything else put back in its place. Looks even better!

On the road to a work site. There was an accident ahead, so the freeway became the I-5 Parking Lot for a while. The picture was snapped quickly in selfie mode through the rear window.

A typical cable delivery onsite.

Buddy doing his cat stuff.

Specially the “flop”.