April 2016

Got an email on Thursday afternoon: Tomorrow, we need you to go to Sumner, collect a load of material and deliver it to the new job site in Olympia. OK, that’s the kind of fun they pay me for. Hmm, I’m due to take a load of my equipment down there in less than 2 weeks, better load that up as well. Well, if I’m already in Sumner, I might as well check out Julie’s old place. She says it’s changed, although I can’t see it.

The job site is just up the street from the State Capitol.

Since I’m too embarassed to ask someone to take my picture, must be time for a selfie. This was at the rather large Northgate Mall, where they are adding a huge parking garage. My buddy Frank back in Australia says I look like a union thug!

At a different site, where I had just collected my equipment. The paint markers on the cable are made before the pocket formers come off, so the edge of the paint is exactly 1″ out from where the cable was before it got stressed (stretched, tensioned). The inspector measures the elongation with a tape measure on every one.

The truck!

Visited another site, where cables had been delivered recently, to fly the flag and do the customer service thing. “Oh, glad you’re here. We’ve been shorted in the delivery. We’re short by 9 46′ cables.” Hmm, think I have some 53′ ones in storage. Head back there and realise that they are piled up in the back corner. And even a 50′ cable is heavy. Ok, let’s clear everything else out of the way, so I can back the truck right in there and not have to drag them so far. Bit of a tight squeeze there!

We treated ourselves to a dinner “out”. Julie had the Prime Rib.

Angel looking almost intelligent.

The webcam really is working now. It took a bit of time and patience, both of which are in short supply sometimes. The gallery view displays about a week of pictures, and the time lapse will cycle through a whole day. Just that the day is midnight to midnight in Germany, but again, … Meh! When the weather is heavy, the cloud movement is quite spectacular. The camera records from 4:30am to 9:30pm, which should be enough to fit in the longest day when we get there.

I did some more work on the storage unit, with the intent of improving the efficiency of the space available. This shelving rack was, once again, made by hand, using existing and some new timber, and a whole lot of 3″ nails.

Yes, it did improve the space.

The kids playing.