March 2016

On a job site: This system is under tension, a LOT of tension. That cylindrical chuck, which we inserted in there to grab onto a very short piece of cable, has to come out a bit further, then someone (not me!) has to dig around inside the pocket and make sure that the wedges, which will take up the tension when the jack is released, are still in place. Nasty work, if the wedges inside the chuck happen to let go, causing the whole thing to let go with an almighty bang, and the heavy jack to fly off. And on top of all that, it was in a really awkward position, just underneath the floor above!

Hmm, looks like this gauge was either dropped, or had something dropped on it.

Yet another series of freeway disasters.

Mountains, everywhere! Going South on I-5. I was amused that it would take longer on the Express Lanes than on the regular ones. Look carefully, that’s Mt Rainier in the distance. Further South, it really dominates the skyline.

In downtown Lynnwood, near the office, looking West towards the Olympics.

A better view of them from the office window.

Heading North towards home, Mt Baker in the distance.

In Everett, a view of the Cascades to the East.

Just in case you’re concerned about my safety while driving, I already have the phone mounted in a holder right near the steering wheel, usually running Google Maps to see what traffic dramas are ahead, or to get it to give me directions. It’s a simple process to jump into the camera app when I know that a view is coming up, then lean forward and poke the picture button several times at the right moment.

A customer said they had some post tensioning cable left over and I was invited to go and inspect the pile. I’d love to grab some of the bigger rolls as spare stock, but I wouldn’t be able to lift them!

I finally have my Weather Webcam working again! For the record, it’s an Android Tablet provided free of charge on our T-Mobile account, plus $5 a month for the SIM card to remain connected, running the Mobile Camera app and uploading to the OpenSmartCam website, which handles all of the gallery stuff. The only downside is that it’s based in Europe, so the “day” ends at about 4pm. But hey, it’s free.

And on the subject of T-Mobile. We have our account with them because their 3G and 4G frequencies match the frequencies used by our iPhones from Australia. Turns out that their coverage is actually pretty awesome, quite apart from extending to Canada and Mexico, although sometimes inside a building, I get nothing. Go Figure.

Oh, did I mention yet that one of my jobs is to be on call most nights and weekends to go out and remove deceased persons? No? Well, it is. For a removal from a residence, we MUST have 2 people. Don’t know whether that is part of the regulations, or for our own personal safety or because you never know what to expect. Example: Called out at midnight to a location which was: Go up the freeway and turn right, into the mountains. Arrived 90 minutes later. Stunning location, with the moonlight illuminating the big patches of snow on the surrounding mountains. Along the way, I was still getting a clear signal for my Google Maps, while my colleague had No Service. Score 1 for T-Mobile. Get back at 2:30 am and try to get back to sleep!

And Julie still has her job. And on THAT subject, for my Aussie friends and family, I am feeling justifiably jealous that you get a whole 4-day break for Easter next weekend. My new company takes 6 Public Holidays off each year. When I am finally hired, for the first 2 years, I get 6 days of leave. Even at Thanksgiving, if I take the Friday off, it will cost me a day’s leave or a day’s pay.

Buddy decides to occupy Angel’s cage, again.

The slide-across screen door at our front door was a huge success. You can see right through to the railing on the other side of the landing. Pity it didn’t last.

My calibration station.

This is the reason I am looking for a new home base for work. I looked at this place in Lynnwood from the outside.

And this place called ActivSpace in Lake City. This unit was open and the occupant kindly allowed me to take a look.

Wow, yeah, I could use something like this!