December 2015

Ooh ah. Again, mid month and no update. Must have been busy. Actually, yes, I have. Simon contacted me with a link to an online course retailing at $300, on special for just $10, on making substantial money via eBay. Given that I already have an eBay Store, I bought it and have been working through it, and then making major changes to the Store.

At a concert at Xfinity Arena (here in Everett), positioned at Stage Left.

Delivery driver for Edible Arrangements.

Julie with the other staff at Solie Funeral Home.

End of year decorations at the stadium.

Ice in places where the sun doesn’t get to them.

Lots of snow on the Cascades.

New Years Eve at the Space Needle.

This image is projected onto the pavement.

Fireworks at midnight. Was I there? – you bet! Did I see them? – No! I was in the nearest large building to the Space Needle, doing the usual crowd control and helping to maintain the no-go zone for the fireworks. Yep, I really was THAT close to the fireworks. And no, that’s not one of them, it’s just a brightly illuminated bush.

This was part of the model railroad display inside the building.

Safety first. The monorail service from downtown to the Space Needle gets suspended during the fireworks.